Covid-19 Update April 21, 2020
Substituting Yellow Liquid Lysol
In today's Technical Update we are covering some very important topics for Affiliates as we continue to battle the effects of COVID-19.

We have received some questions regarding appropriate substitutes for the "Yellow Liquid Lysol" we prefer to use when cleaning the inside of water separators and base tanks. In some areas this product is sold out, but maintenance cannot wait.
In the meantime, you can use any other water-based disinfectant, or you can make your own using 1 quart water and 1 oz Clorox bleach in a spray bottle. Wear gloves, and make sure to wipe out all traces of the product before you put the glass back on the tank. We have said you can leave the Yellow Lysol in the tanks, but we haven't tested many of the other products over a long period, so to be safe, make sure the cleaner is wiped out with a towel before finishing.

WARNING: Bleach is corrosive to bare metal, please do not leave it in the machine and do not pour it on a towel to perform the "Lysol Towel Program". Only use it in a spray bottle and wipe clean when finished. 
Using Your Dry Cleaning Machine As A Laundry Dryer
On March 17 we sent out an email describing how to use your dry cleaning machine as a laundry dryer when extra capacity is needed. We are glad to report that a few Affiliates have done this with great results! Their experience provides us with this summary:
  • Make sure the clothing to be dried is well-extracted and not dripping wet before placing inside the dry cleaning machine
  • Remove the button trap basket and place a large bath towel in the bottom of the trap where the basket normally goes. This will collect moisture that condenses and drips down the drain pipe to the button trap. This towel needs to be checked after each load and replace it when it becomes saturated. We hear this happens after 3 to 5 cycles. 
  • The water decanter (waste water holding tank) will need to be emptied after every 1 or 2 cycles. Make sure the water is discharging into the water decanter after every load (normally done when you press the OPEN DOOR button). If not, your water separator is not working correctly and must be looked at before trying again.
  • Simply run the Dry Only program. This will dry the clothing to a similar degree that dry cleaning loads are finished. Recall that the drying temperature is 185F inlet and 158F outlet. If you need to adjust the drying temperature for delicates, give us a call and we will explain how to temporarily adjust the temperature.
Returning Idled Machines Into Full Service
Many of us are looking at Stay At Home orders lifting in the coming days or weeks. Please review this advice before returning an idled machine into full service:
  • If possible, now is a great time to get annual maintenance done before we get busy again. Please consider cleaning base tanks, water separators, inspecting or replacing spin discs and cartridge filters, acid-flushing the condenser, cleaning evaporator, solvent cooling, and solvent heating coils, and making any other repairs that have been deferred. 
  • Prior to starting the machine back up, wash the black foam air filters with warm water and dish soap, hang to dry. Replace them if shrunken or damaged.
  • Confirm the water decanter has been drained and is empty
  • Check the still and make sure it is raked clean. Afterwards, send the separators to the still (either manually or using your Automatic Water Separator Cleaning Program) and clean the separators with disinfectant as described in the first part of this message.
  • Confirm filter pressure readings are normal (between 8 and 16 PSI)
  • Top up the base tanks if they are low. Main working tanks should be 75% full. 
  • Run the Dry Only program to fully dry out the recovery head and dry the coils before cleaning any clothing
  • Run the spin disc program and add fresh Activated Clay the morning you are back in business
  • If you have a noticeable odor in the machine, try running a test load first to see if the odor will be persistent after cleaning and if it will transfer to clothing. The odor might just be lint that is damp and starting to form a bacterial odor. It might go away once the machine is back in service. If not, give us a call so we can talk about next steps.
Tracking SBA Loan Affiliate Approval
We're happy to report an additional $310 billion in funding for the Payment Protection Program has passed the Senate within the last hour. The House will vote on the legislation Thursday.

Over the course of the last 2 weeks, we received responses to our poll from 168 Affiliates with 20% answering  YES to having received approval and/or funds from their bank on either the EIDL or PPP SBA loans.

If you answered  NO last week and your status has changed, or if you have not answered the question, please let us know.
Have you received loan approval and/or direct funds for either EIDL or PPP from your bank?
If you have any questions, email us at
or give us a call at 877-926-0895. We're here to help with all of your plant needs.
Have you missed anything? 
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