The big difference between my training and other programs, is our focus on core social media law issues (broadcasting and publishing liability), not just labor law or employment law issues. Courts now consider social media and other digital media tools as "inherently dangerous" broadcasting platforms that give users the unmonitored viral power to permanently destroy a person's reputation worldwide. It's negligent for any organization to ignore or delay giving their all their employees outside expert social media liability training.

Another important distinction in our social media policy and training programs, is my dual background as a social media attorney and former television anchor. My popular new "Red Flag" strategies are rooted in that unique dual background.

Finally, even having all the digital media academic credentials and experience isn't enough. It's my empathy and teaching ability that is always emphasized in my course evaluations. Without the ability to connect with your audience, the instructor is ineffective and the attendees don't receive the important information they paid for. I make sure when you participate in my specialized digital media programs, you walk away with important new information and skills to create legally safe content. If you have any questions, you can call me at 954-748-7698.