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Courageously Kind:

Partnership between

Anewalt’s and Liz & Maddie

Just 21 years old, twin college students, Liz and Maddie, are making it their mission to create a kinder world.

And founding their organization, Courageously Kind, is the means to that end.

They said, “Our hope is that Courageously Kind can continue to inspire courage and cultivate kindness. We hope that this platform can continue to be a space where extraordinary stories are told!”

Eddie and Lori Anewalt listened to the twins tell their story in a presentation at Marywood University and realized that supporting the twins would be valuable in the Anewalt’s Landscape Contracting efforts to promote kindness throughout the community.

“Maddie and Liz talked about their future goals, one of them being to have a billboard to promote their courageously kind purpose, “Lori said. “I heard them loud and clear. Something stirred in me, and I offered to create a billboard for them to be displayed at our carscape.” 


Courageously Kind Co-founder, Liz, was born with a condition called Goldenhar Syndrome and displays one characteristic of the syndrome, a disfigurement of her face.


About 600,000 people in the US have facial differences, a number which inspires the twins to promote equal rights and positive representation for all people and to remain passionate activists and advocates for Face Equality.


After speaking out about her facial difference and the Goldenhar condition, Liz wanted to inspire others to be kind to everyone who may appear different. Her supportive sister, Maddie, suggested the twins use a podcast to encourage kindness, and their organization, Courageously Kind, was born.


Both a podcast and multi-media platform, complete with merchandise and ideas for visitors to the website to help with the mission to spread kindness, Courageously Kind has over 100,000 followers pledging to join the mission and the Courageously Kind podcast has listeners in over 60 countries around the world.


Liz and Maddie are excited to have their mission shared on the Anewalt’s Landscape carscape billboard on Rt. 183 in Bernville.


“To be able to share our message of kindness with others, especially on a billboard, is a dream come true,” they said. “Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to be kind to themselves and others, and to be able to share this message in this way is something we are incredibly grateful for. “

The Courageously Kind movement is represented by the simple drawing of a lion’s head and the twins hope their choice of a logo strongly symbolizes the courage it takes to be kind to oneself and to others.

“These gals, Liz and Maddie, are on fire to spread kindness! Their energy is contagious.”

– Lori

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