Newsletter of Barnstable County

Edition 6 | February 1, 2024

 County Highlights: A Month in Review

As the new year began, Barnstable County sponsored a series of events and implemented programs and services that highlight our commitment to addressing critical regional concerns.  

The Board of Regional Commissioners awarded $2 million in ARPA housing grants to tackle Cape Cod's affordable housing challenges. The funding was directed towards the development of 62 affordable housing units in Orleans and an additional 42 units in Bourne.


The Commissioners, Assembly of Delegates and County Administration have made significant efforts to ensure that the County Dredge Program has a rate structure which supports operations for this critical regional program. 

Local human rights advocates were celebrated during an award ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. AmeriCorps Cape Cod dedicated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to support local organizations combating homelessness and food insecurity, showcasing community collaboration.  

In the area of environmental responsibility, the Barnstable County Household Hazardous Waste Program announced a record achievement - 303 tons, or 607,272 pounds, of toxic materials were collected during our 2023 Household Hazardous Waste Collections. Additionally, MASSTC, the County’s Septic Test Center, launched "The Alternative," a new wastewater-focused newsletter, expanding our array of informative newsletters.  

Throughout the month, the Regional Emergency Planning Committee monitored winter storms and provided storm preparedness resources, while our Emergency Preparedness Specialist engaged with local libraries, strengthening community readiness.  

Children's Cove expanded its staff to support our community's children and families, while Health and Environment introduced the "Buried in Treasures" Workshop for February and March to aid those with compulsive hoarding. 

The Department of Human Services offered free training to support older LGBTQ+ adults, in partnership with SAGE Care—an organization dedicated to improving the lives of older LGBTQ+ individuals.  

While these represent a glimpse of the County's recent endeavors, they exemplify our commitment to serving our community, with new initiatives always on the horizon. 

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