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Just 3 months to "Opener"
Three down; two to go
sport show booth Our sport show circuit is well under way. We attended the All Canada Shows in St Charles IL, Green Bay WI and Shakopee MN. Thanks to all who came by to see us.

Still ahead are shows in Madison WI Feb 26 - 28 and Minneapolis MN Mar 30 - Apr 3. Details of the show locations and their websites are on the 2016 Sport Show Schedule page of our website.

The requirement by Homeland security for passports has been in place for about 10 years now. That means many American visitors to Canada who received their passports then would find them expiring this year. 

Many countries require that your passport have as much as 6 months validity remaining for entry. 

Check the expiry date on your passport. If it doesn't have the required validity, renew it as soon as possible. 
Get it covered

It is well known that being out in the wilderness is good for your health. Unfortunately, we don't always stay healthy while out in the wilds. If you are visiting Canada from the States and are concerned about coverage for potential health needs while on vacation, you might look into something like what is offered by Medex. Just a thought.
Money, money, money

The decline of the Canadian Dollar is making Canadian vacations much more affordable for US guests. Since we charge in Canadian Dollars, our American guests get full advantage of the favourable exchange rate. 

With this in mind you might consider purchasing Canadian Dollars from your financial institution while the rate is high. If you prefer not to carry cash, consider purchasing a Canadian money order or certified check for the trip cost. 

We continue to accept credit card payment. The charge is processed in Canadian Dollars then converted by the card holder's banking institution. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
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