We the People Convention and Freedom for ALL PAC

Endorse Kevin Coughlin for

Congress in the OH 13th District

For Immediate Release: Monday, December 18, 2023

Contact: Tom Zawistowski,

Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio-based national We the People Convention organization and Treasurer of the Freedom for All PAC, announced that both organizations are endorsing Kevin Coughlin for US Congress in the Ohio 13th Congressional District covering the Akron and Canton areas in Ohio. In making the endorsement, Zawistowski focused on Coughlin's past history of winning elections in the District and his significant political experience.

Zawistowski said, "I was not aware of Kevin Coughlin until just a few months ago, even though he has a long history of winning elections as a Republican in the very Democratic Akron area, which is where I live and our organizations are based. When I was told he was considering a run for Congress in the Ohio 13th we got together in person and had a long discussion about why he was running, the challenges facing this District and our nation, and what the American people need done by the next Congress in support of what hopefully will be a Trump Administration. I was surprised and excited to find that this three term Ohio House member and two time Ohio Senate member was willing to leave behind a successful business career and commit himself full-time to running for Congress in one of the four most challenging Districts in Ohio for a Republican."

Kevin Coughlin


Zawistowski continued, "After a lot of research and thought, our organizations are both proud to Endorse Kevin Coughlin for Congress in the Ohio 13th District! We are convinced that he is not just a good Republican candidate, he is actually the perfect candidate for this district. He has worked consistently to improve the economy and the quality of life for all citizens of Summit County both as an elected official and by serving on many, many non-profit civic organizations in the community for the past 25 years. Unlike most Republicans, Coughlin has a long history of winning votes in the black community because he actually cares about them and listens to their concerns. He is no phony politician just saying what people want to hear for votes. He has a real record of serving the urban community as a Republican in the Ohio State Legislature. With many black voters becoming disillusioned with having their votes taken for granted by Democrats, then being treated like second class citizens as the Marxists flood the cities with illegal immigrants at the expense of blacks, we think a candidate like Kevin Coughlin is really the right man at the right time. Especially with Trump on the ballot at the same time."

Zawistowski then added, "With all that being said, the most important reason for our endorsing Kevin Coughlin for Congress is because we found him to be one of the most knowledgeable, most experienced, and most prepared candidates for Congress we may have ever endorsed. He gets the America First Agenda and knows exactly what has to be done for all the citizens in the Ohio 13th District in order to restore law and order, restore economic prosperity, and get our nation headed back in the right direction. Coughlin has been out of elected office for ten years and didn't need to "get back in the game." He is running for Congress because he feels the real concern we all feel about the future of our nation and the lack of leadership in our federal government. He decided to do something about it and all of us in the Ohio 13th District should be glad that he is willing to do so. Our organizations will do everything in our power to elect him and get him to Washington where he will be a key asset in Congress for a future President Trump."

Zawistowski, concluded, "We ask all Patriots in the Ohio 13th District to commit the time, effort and money to do the work necessary to elect this exceptional Conservative candidate to Congress. You must not only vote for Kevin Coughlin in the March 19th Primary, but then you need to volunteer and donate in order to carry him to victory in what will be one of the most contested Ohio races in the General Election next November!"

Those wishing to donate to, or volunteer to help, the Coughlin for Congress campaign can do so by clicking on this link. The We the People Convention and Freedom for All PAC have also endorsed J.R. Majewski in the Ohio 9th District and Reggie Stoltzfus in the Ohio 6th District and Charles Tassell in the Ohio 2nd District. Patriots can help the Freedom for All PAC support the election of all of these candidates by donating to the Freedom for All PAC by clicking this link.

As an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation, the We the People Convention has the legal authority to endorse candidates in federal elections based on the Citizens United case which was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States on January 21, 2010.


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