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In this age of "fake news" (what is and what isn't), discernment is needed in what we read and believe. Media mass deception is a tool of Ahriman. To get the big picture of evil's machinations in the world, see our link:

Once you understand the big picture, you will be able to discern fake from real news. We recommend the following partner sites for up to date and relevant news content. We provide original material, as well as relevant reposts.
Cosmic Convergence

Douglas is a regular contributor to the Anthroposophy Facebook site. Be advised that the site is not for the faint of heart. The coldness of the internet seems to bring out the worst in some folks; even anthroposophists can be snarky and disrespectful online. See Occult Imprisonment on Facebook


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Dear Friends, 

Many of you have been with us since we started the first newsletter in 2014. Our goal was to create a virtual Temple of Wisdom for Anthroposophia that spiritual seekers around the world could visit at any time. The many newsletters and emails you received over the years were a way for us to show you how "construction" was going. 

It was important to build a solid foundation for the virtual temple, which are three volumes of The Gospel of Sophia. We needed content that was anchored in the physical world so that if the virtual temple was ever destroyed by an internet outage, you would still have  real books to hold in your hands. 

Once the foundation was laid, we started constructing the outer and inner court of the virtual temple which is the website Our Spirit .   The front door is accessible to anyone who wants to enter. Our construction material, so to speak, is the content that we sent you in each newsletter. Every week we added another layer of construction which was another article, e-book, video, or post. 

Most recently we completed a new part of the temple, called  Sophia's Inner Sanctum . This is a place where the beauty and wisdom of Sophia is honored with inspirational images and thoughtful posts. We liken it to a virtual altar for Sophia.

Now, we unveil the newest "wing" of the Temple of Sophia which is a dedicated website for the intellectual and spiritual reflections of anthroposophy, called  Our Spirit Reflections. You may recognize some articles, but please note new ones have been added. Have fun exploring the new wing.

Our next addition to the Temple of Sophia will be the construction of an  online eternal curriculum for wisdom children . We hope that this content will resonate with Waldorf teachers and families as well as anyone who wants to educate his or her etheric body. 

Please stay connected with us as we continue to build the Our Spirit community.  

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

Our Spirit Reflections

The new wing of the virtual temple is called
Our Spirit Reflections and its web address is www.neoanthroposophy.com. Discover fresh ways of exploring and understanding the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. 

We are pleased to offer a  translation widget for articles on the site. It is located next to each article on the right sidebar.  
Sophia's Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Sophia is wh ere the Divine Feminine Trinity, Sophia as Mother-Daughter-Holy Sophia, unveils Her mysteries to seekers of Wisdom. Tyla and Douglas Gabriel welcome you to a place that shows you the love and hope they found in their own experiences of Sophia. When they received Her Grace, it was manifested as a blinding light, filled with overwhelming love and wisdom light, a revelation that Steiner called the "Damascus experience or event."

Secrecy of the First Class, the Circle, and Steiner Freemasonry 

This article offers deep insight into the secrecy of the Anthroposophical Society.

The Damascus Event 

Have you heard or read about the Damascus experience in your anthroposophical or Biblical studies? Steiner wrote that people would begin to have this experience in the mid-twentieth century. Ahrimanic forces have worked hard to keep people from experiencing the Cosmic Christ. But the Event has happened, and it will continue to happen. The Cosmic Christ is here

Please see our article Perceiving Christ in the Etheric for more details. 
The Gospel of Sophia Series
Volume 1
The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity
Volume 2
A Modern Path of Initiation

Volume 3
Sophia Christos Initiation

The Gabriels

If you have been a dedicated reader and happen to be in our geographical area, please let us know. We love meeting friends in our special  Answer Room . Let's get together. 

For more about us see our bio here.

Dismantling the New World Order

For those of you who like to stay current with cutting-edge intelligence, please see the following articles that have been leading the internet conversation on how to destroy the New World Order movement. If we told you that these articles are read by high level officials (world-wide), would you be interested in having a look?