July 2021 Newsletter
To give aid and encouragement in promoting the education and well-being of at-risk children in the state of Georgia.
Upcoming Events
Please note the Summer General Meeting will take place in the evening and not as a luncheon.
We will be collecting composition notebooks (no spirals) and word search game books (without staples) for the students at Devereux at the Summer General Meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, there will be a drop off box at the home of Heather Rees, 4461 Club Lake Circle, SE, Marietta, 30067, between August 18 - 22. If you need to reach Heather, heatherrees27@gmail.com.

If you have any questions about this collection, please contact our Devereux Liaison BJ Wooldridge at either
678-571-1459 or bjwooldridge@bellsouth.net.
Now is the time to ask your friends to join you and The Circle to have fun while helping Georgia’s children by growing our membership and renewing yours. 

We will have high tea Sunday, September 26, 2021 so mark your calendars. Details to follow. Thank you for being such great members!
Annual Event - Make Giving a Sport
Thank you to everyone who helped to make The Circle’s fundraising year so successful! Our members really pulled together during a rather challenging year and their efforts sure paid off. We are proud to announce that we will be presenting our main beneficiary, Devereaux Behavioral Health, with a check for almost $70,000! Our hard work will also go towards scholarship money for 9 very needy and deserving college and continuing education students. As we end our year of “Making Giving A Sport”, I’d say we hit a real home run!

The grand finale of our fund-raising year was the Ultimate Tailgate held on June 5th at the College Football Hall of Fame (CFHOF). Guests enjoyed the interactive exhibits at the museum and some could be heard loudly recording their alma mater’s fight songs, which could be found later on the CFHOF’s website. Don’t think any new singing stars were discovered. Look for photos of more escapades from the evening in this issue of our newsletter.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Ultimate Tailgate Chair, Heather Rees, who worked tirelessly through the quarantine, and all the limitations that came with it, to bring the Tailgate to life! A giant thank-you also to Auction Chairs Kristin Harbison and Krista O’Neal who spent more hours than we can count pulling off an interesting and lucrative auction. What would The Circle do without these ladies?? Hopefully we will never have to know.

Proceeds from our golf tournament in October also added to our “winning” bottom line! We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize Kimberly Johnson, Golf Chair, another dynamo in the fundraising department. Rumor is that she is already working on next year’s tourney. 

So, Circle Ladies, rest up this summer! We have a lot more good work to do next year. Georgia’s children need us!!
Save the Date for the Circle for Children's

Moonlight Soiree

Friday, March 25, 2022
Ivy Hall, Roswell
Golf Tournament
SAVE the DATE - The Circle for Children Golf Tournament
Monday, October 18, 2021
Country Club of Roswell

Mark your calendars - let your husbands know - tell your family & friends who play golf. Last year was a great success and a lot of fun for everyone from the golfers to the volunteers.  

Details to follow soon!

If you are interested in Sponsoring or Volunteering please contact Kimberly Johnson, 404-406-9495.
Devereux Update
We are extremely excited to let you know the Family Visitation building and the Ball Field Dugouts and Storage closet are in the final stages. Once they are both completed, we will have a ribbon cutting ceremony. See the before and after picture of one room in the Family Visitation area and the latest from the Ball field. Thank you to everyone who donated, sponsored and gave last year to make these 2 projects a reality for the kids to enjoy.
Bleachers, Dugouts, Equipment Storage & Backstop behind Home plate 
Family Visitation Building
Thanks to all the Circle members for their generous donations items collected at the May 5 Spring General Meeting. The total was $647.57 from that meeting and $5,661.48 for the 2020 - 2021 year. A huge thanks to Heather Rees for acting as our collection spot for those members not able to attend the meeting. Your volunteering and donations put smiles on the staff and children at Devereux.         

The High Phase Dinner Party/Social May 3 which included dinner from Johnny's Pizza and a sheet cake from Publix for 50 students and staff. This year's event was to be outdoor, but they had to go to Plan B, because Devereux also loss power. The staff made it work for the students being honored at each unit. The Devereux staff always come through when things may have to change at a moments notice. The staff ate with the students at this event & practice etiquette. This is a learning experience as well as a High Phrase Party/Social event for the students.
The Circle for Children 2021-2022 Officers
The Circle for Children 2021-2022 Officers
President: Cindy Formica
President Elect: Belinda Vogel
General Treasurer: Elizabeth Conn
Project Treasurer: Kristin Harbison
Recording Secretary: Kayla Dicus
Corresponding Secretary: Bonnie Mann
Vice President(s) Annual Event: Pat Iaffaldano and Susan Fulkerson
Vice President(s) Auction: Krista O’Neal and Cynthia Barr
Vice President(s) Membership: Tricia Leuallen and Charlene Rowe

The Circle for Children 2021-2022 Committee Chairs
Board of Directors: Rita Robb Furness
Finance Chair: Danielle Houret-Lam
Charity Liaison: BJ Wooldridge and Gina Villnow
Scholarship: Belinda Vogel and Doris Van Wagenen
Socials: Mary Beth Wegener, Susan Landers
Junior Socials: Sarah Davis
General Meetings: Betts Fisher, Anne Keane, Jane Dye
Webmaster: Lisa Petrocelli Krueger
Social Media: Lucy Dorris
Long Range Planning: Danielle Houret-Lam
Newsletter: Kristin Harbison
Parliamentarian: Kimberly Johnson
Golf Tournament: Kimberly Johnson and Katie Collins
Purse Sale: Danielle Houret-Lam and Cindy Formica
Photographers: Kimberly Johnson and Ginny Wolfe
Auditors: Dottie Rachels and Chris Crawford
Directory: Heather Rees

Board of Directors 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 (Serve a Two Year term)
Consist of 24 members, 12 are Past Presidents and 12 are Members at Large and they will serve a minimum of 2 year term.  

Past Presidents:
Elaine LaMontagne, Danielle Houret-Lam, Kimberly Johnson, Heather Rees, Sally Davis, Shirley Jones, Betts Fisher, Kim Sherk, Rita Furness (Chair), Jennie Johnson, Pam Jordan, Chris Crawford

Members at Large:
Carol Carr, Cathy Haire, Cindy Samples, Dottie Rachels, Gail Godfrey, Ginny Wolf, Janie Kissling, Lynn Thompson, Mary Beth Wegener, Tricia Leuallen, Donna Shafer, Diane Miller 
Access the Directory online with new Password! The new 2020-2021 directory of active Circle members can now be viewed on our website. For the privacy of all members, the directory is password protected. You can access the directory under the membership tab on the website. 
June 1        Betts Fisher
June 3        Carrie Kissling
June 3        Jodie Kissling
June 19      Kayla Dicus
June 20      Martha Bechtel
June 28      Shirley Jones
July 2         Katie Collins-Price
July 13        Cynthia Dolezal
July 15        Cindy Andrew Formica
July 20        Julia Davis Barwick
July 25        Kimberly Johnson
July 27        Heather Rees
July 28        Gail Godfrey 
If your birthday (month and day) is not in the new Circle directory, please email that information. We would love to acknowledge that special day.
Circle Celebration Fund
Can't think of a gift for a friend? Consider donating to the Circle Celebration Fund in their name. A lovely acknowledgment will be sent to the honoree informing them of the donation you made in their name. Please contact thecircle4children@gmail.com if you would like to donate.
Circle Correspondence
Please send any Circle Correspondence to thecircle4children@gmail.com for announcements of births, loss of loved ones, outstanding events or illnesses. Please include the individual's address so the corresponding secretary can send the appropriate correspondence. Also, indicate if the information should be posted in the newsletter.
What is Amazon Smile?
Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support the Circle for Children every time you shop at no cost to you.  When you shop at smile.amazon.com you'll find the exact same low prices and vast selection as amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the Circle. smile.amazon.com uses your current Amazon account.

How Do I Get Started?
Click the button below to get started or on your first visit to smile.amazon.com you will be asked to select a charity. Type in The Circle for Children. Click the "select" box next to it. Click "agree" to confirm you have been informed that you must go to smile.amazon.com every time you make a purchase in order for the Circle to receive the charitable donation from Amazon.
Kroger Community Rewards will donate a portion of your grocery purchase total to The Circle for Children.

Please sign up for a Kroger Card the next time you're grocery shopping and link it to The Circle for Children.

To link your Kroger card go to www.kroger.com and enter The Circle for Children number, 33533. You can also call Kroger at 1-800-562-4438 and they will sign you up over the phone.