August 2023
Abundant Alaska
Where else in the world can you catch 110 sockeye salmon all in just 5 hours, while standing in the river with 5’ hooped gill nets, surrounded by epic scenery? 

This year, we had the pleasure of dipnetting the Kasilof River with our 13-year-old triplets and some family friends. They loved it so much, they only let me catch two fish, freeing me up to clean fish and clear their nets so they could get back into the water as soon as possible. I did not mind at all! I would look up now and then and see pure joy as they counted off another catch, dragging the fish onto the beach, and although the work was exhausting, it was worth every bit of it for the joy they all experienced. 

Let’s face it, Alaska is a special place. Not only for its abundance of salmon and other wild game that our family enjoys every year but also for its abundant opportunities. Our family has truly been blessed to call Alaska home since 1996 and I cannot imagine another place I would want to grow our family business, or any other people I would want to serve.

I hope you enjoy Alaska’s abundance as the summer wraps up, and that not only your freezers are full, but your hearts are full as well. Filled with great Alaskan memories that will help with the long winter ahead, which is part of the price of admission.

God Bless,



The Kodiak Area Native Association – KANA – has grown to serve the Kodiak area, with offices in many villages and in the city of Kodiak. Their dedicated staff serve through both community services and health services. The Sundog Team is excited for the opportunity to work with the KANA team to create a very beautiful and functional website.


Molly is a Tartan weaver, making and selling custom, hand-woven Scottish tartans since 1995, first in her home in Fairbanks, Alaska, and now in her new home in Eureka, California. Tartans, or plaids, are the traditional Scottish national dress and can be worn or used by anyone who likes the plaid design. 

AHTNA - Construction and Primary Products Corporation

For over 40 years, Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Corporation has served Alaskans by specializing in civil construction, pipeline maintenance, emergency preparedness, and oil spill response. A union company, ACPPC is fully licensed, insured, and bonded with strong financial resources and now has three offices located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Glennallen.
"Working with the Sundog Media team to develop our new website has been an exceptional experience. Their knowledge, creativity, organization, patience and friendliness made the entire process smooth and resulted in a website we are proud to share. We are grateful for their accessibility and responsiveness, as they seamlessly incorporated our ideas and vision into the final product. Sundog’s expertise and dedication in authentically representing our Sugpiaq Alutiiq heritage through beautifully layered cultural components have been commendable. We believe the new website will resonate with our Alaska Native and American Indian Beneficiaries and the entire community, reflecting our shared values and serving as a wealth of resources in an easy-to-navigate layout.

Quyanaa, Sundog, for your outstanding efforts in creating a website that truly represents our people, lands, programs, and services. We are confident this website will be appreciated by all who visit it."

"Working with Sundog Media was an excellent experience with incredible results of our new website. Communication, Professionalism, and Efficiency were IMPECCABLE! Through their use of Basecamp managing the project was user-friendly and very organized. We had a big important conference coming up that having the website up by then would greatly benefit our company. Sundog finished the project on time for our conference. Highly recommended by me. Thank you to the Sundog Media team for such great work!"

"As a project manager, I have procured Proyecto Fe various services over the years. Every once in a while, you run into a company that shines above the rest and leaves no doubt whether you made the right choice or not. Sundog Media is such a company. 

Sundog’s knowledge, creativity, and experience cannot be understated. The professionalism with which they conduct their work is outstanding. Not knowing exactly what we wanted, Sundog’s staff listened to our needs, assessed what we wanted, and provided options for us to consider and choose. They really know how to break down complicated processes and assist through decision-making.

Our project team consists of people in Guatemala and Alaska, so communication was key. Despite these challenges, Sundog’s communication was exceptional, responsive, and always in a friendly and professional manner. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Joe, Cathy, and the rest of the Sundog Media group.

Kelly Leseman P.E., PMP - Executive Director,
I sought the LORD, and he answered me
and delivered me from all my fears.