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UCSB continues to do incredibly and relishes working with industry.  
UCSB is #1 among US public universities and #8 in the world for research productivity and impact ( 2016 Leiden University Rankings), we are 23 among world's Top 50 engineering and technology universities ( 2016 Times Higher Education World University Ranking) and we have the #1 Materials public research-doctorate program in the nation (2016 National Research Council and US News rankings). UCSB is ranked in the top 0.1% for Engineering & Technology universities in terms of research funding by industry per capita (2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings).
This newsletter describes a spectrum of activities within Engineering and the Sciences at UCSB that we hope strengthen UCSB's collaborations with industry.  We invite you to visit campus to meet our faculty and students, and to gain more insight into why we are a hub of industry interaction.
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Attend Santa Barbara's MIT Enterprise Forum on Artificial Intelligence...Friend or Foe?
Exploring the Unfolding Mystery of AI's Impact on Humanity
Date: September 21, 2016 (more info)
Is humanity at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment, inspired by benign AI enabled tech; or on an unalterable path to computer driven subservience to AI powered, self-aware machines?

Please join us for a discussion of today's exciting AI enabled technologies, and how to address the common sense moral and ethical questions being created as we expand  machines' ability to learn, and implement them as decision making agents in our communities.

Luke Nosek , Co-Founder, PayPal; Managing Partner, Founders Fund
Miles Ward, Global Head, Solutions, Google Cloud Platform
John Denning , Director and Co-Founder, Princeton Artificial Intelligence
Luca Foschini , Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Evidation Health

About the The Forum-
PROGRAMS are the heart of the MIT Enterprise Forum of
The Central Coast.  We host the region's monthly top business and technology events. Our events are designed to educate, inform and inspire entrepreneurs.  Our mission is to promote a unique process and atmosphere to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial community in the Central Coast through interaction with experienced executives who have successfully navigated the challenges of building a successful organization.  Check out the MIT EF Central Coast website for more information about our monthly presentations, selected topics, and key areas of focus.


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Dr. Leslie Edwards

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UCSB's Capstone Courses- Interdisciplinarity is Growing
UCSB's capstone courses represent the final year-long project that engineering students complete as part of their undergraduate education. Traditionally, these projects have been within a single department. For example, mechanical engineering students would be offered projects that challenged them on mechanical engineering problems alone. Last year, UCSB piloted a multidisciplinary engineering course that linked all departmental courses, thus allowing undergraduates the opportunity to tackle problems that transcend a single engineering discipline. This is something that closely mirrors industry and is at the core of UCSB's collaborative culture.
Last year, one of our most visible multidisciplinary capstone projects was the UCSB Hyperloop Pod which will be participating in January's SpaceX Pod Launch competition. The Pod is being designed to travel 218 miles per hour in a partially evacuated tube while using electromagnetic levitation engines to suspend its 550 pound system.
Multidisciplinary projects can take the form of a student competition such as the Hyperloop project or can follow the direction of a project defined by industrial partners.  For more information on UCSB's capstone courses follow these links-
Mechanical and interdisciplinary
Computer Science
Electrical and Computer  
NOW is the Time to get to Know  Students
Recruiting events are one of the best ways for students to explore jobs, gain industry knowledge and meet hiring decision makers. Fall is the busiest time for companies to host info sessions and tech talks on campus because it is when all of the top students are choosing their internships or full-time jobs for June. Last year Engineering and Sciences hosted over 70 companies for recruitment activities during a 6 week period.
Classes start Thursday, September 22nd and the UCSB Fall Career Fair is set for Wednesday, October 12th. We already have a number of info sessions booked in October and dates are filling up.   If you would like your company to host an info session please contact Ashley Antoon, the Student Recruitment and Internship Manager for Engineering and the Sciences, at (805) 893-5497 or antoon@engineering.ucsb.edu.

For more information on all recruitment activities we host
Find Intellectual Property that is Right for Your Company
UCSB has a dynamic patent portfolio and demonstrated success in transferring technology into the commercial sector. The invention portfolio is unique because it is "engineering dominated", with approximately 45% of its technologies coming from engineering, including materials. UCSB's portfolio consists of approximately 650 active inventions and it receives approximately 100 new disclosures annually.
Approximately fifty percent of UCSB's inventions are under active licensing arrangements. UCSB works with licensees around the globe.  UCSB also maintains an active entrepreneurial community, with an average of 4-7 startup companies formed each year. Through UCSB's history, over 80 startups have been formed based on UCSB research spun out of the university. UCSB startup companies enjoy a high survival rate.
Contact Sherylle Mills Englander ( Englander@tia.ucsb.edu or x5180) for more information on how to access available technology.
We always appreciate any input you may have on how we can improve, so please don't hesitate to send us your feedback. Thank you for your continued interest in our program. For further information, please visit the Industry Center website at: www.industry.ucsb.edu

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