Cornerstone is Providing Geotechnical and Environmental Services for Peninsula Crossing

Cornerstone Earth Group, Inc. is providing geotechnical and environmental services in support of DivcoWest for Peninsula Crossing, a multi-structure development in Burlingame, CA. The bayfront development is designed to feature three 11-story office buildings, two 10-level parking structures, a pedestrian bridge, and over a quarter mile of new Bay Trail. The combined office/lab buildings would be 1.4 million square feet with 5,000 square feet of retail in two public cafes. The three 11-story buildings are designed to support both lab and office tenants to create a robust life science cluster.

Buildings will cover under half the property, leaving over 5 acres of publicly available open space. The project’s most high-profile landscaping addition will be 1,475 feet of new Bay Trail, connecting the site to a regional trail network. Facade materials will include clear glass, fritted glass, perforated metal, concrete, and cementitious panels, graphic interlayered glass, and warm metal panels.

Cornerstone’s Value-Added Benefits to the Southline Transit Oriented Development include:

  • Combined geotechnical and environmental sampling during preliminary phases to save on mobilization of two drill rigs.

  • Performed a site-specific response analysis to provide more detailed estimates of anticipated ground motions during a major earthquake.

  • Provided seismic slope stability mitigation solutions along the Bay and Easton Creek.

  • Provided value engineering solutions for leaving existing fills in place outside of new building footprints.

  • Provided multiple recommendations including surcharge, lightweight fill, or cellular concrete to reduce potential settlement from raising site grades.

  • Worked closely with design team and Devcon Construction to discuss soil related concerns, value engineering solutions, and sequencing during construction.

  • Installed groundwater monitoring wells onsite to help establish historical groundwater data so that groundwater can be planned for during construction accordingly.

  • Assisted the project team with evaluating environmental compliance and developed a plan to obtain the necessary data to efficiently address those requirements.

For this development, as on all projects Cornerstone undertakes, the client's needs were met by a team of professionals that consistently brought innovative and practical engineering solutions to whatever challenges arose. We are detail-oriented and thorough; our solutions are implemented with a practical, real-world approach and are fully dedicated to providing value-added and responsive consulting services. For every dollar you spend on our services, our goal is to save you ten dollars in construction.

For more information, please contact:

Erin Steiner, P.E., G.E., Senior Principal Engineer

Cornerstone Earth Group integrates geotechnical engineering, environmental services, engineering geology, and construction services into a single, client-focused team to facilitate cost-effective site selection, project design, and site development. Our technical capabilities and construction and remediation expertise allow us to develop creative yet practical solutions to meet your project requirements. 
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