JUNE 13, 2024

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 Hello St. John’s Family,


So often today we find ourselves facing a multitude of responsibilities, with not nearly enough time to complete those responsibilities. Our task lists and calendars are maxed out; our schedules are jam-packed with an endless array of obligations that we must ensure are met. Simply navigating the daily demands we face and making it the end of the week is no small accomplishment. The pace and weight of modern life is significant.


While in worship last Sunday, I was struck by the meaningful and uplifting music offered by our Praise Band, Choirs, and Bell Choirs during the Music Sunday Worship Services. From the exuberance and joy of our youngest singers, to the moving offerings of our Praise Band and Bell Choirs, to the powerful concluding songs of our Combined Choir, God was glorified and our congregation was uplifted by their offerings of praise. Offerings that are given to God in our worship on Sundays… and are given to God through many hours of rehearsals throughout the year. As I listened to a number of congregants share how meaningful the services were, I thought of how blessed we are that so many give of their musical gifts and time to honor God at St. John’s. I want to thank all our Choir and Bell Choir members, along with Roy Nelson, Alissa Nelson, and Brian Barber for their excellent leadership. Your willingness to prioritize time to honor God through the Music Ministries of St. John’s is a blessing to so many people!


As the conclusion of the school year signals summer’s arrival, many are looking forward to opportunities to relax and recharge. That’s a good thing! We need those times of restoration and renewal with family and friends. I pray you will be able to share in the fun experiences of summer, enjoying a respite from the daily demands of life. I also pray you will take the opportunity to prioritize your relationship with God this summer. Here at St. John’s there will be something for everyone, with fun and engaging programming for children and youth, along with meaningful worship opportunities for all ages. Join us as we set aside time to be with the One who restores our soul (Psalm 23:3).


This Sunday is Father’s Day, and we’ll give thanks to God for the gift of loving fathers. We understand God as our Heavenly Father, whose deep love for all people is unchanging. We know we’re supposed to honor God and live according to God’s ways. So, what are we to do when others around us suggest something that appears to go against God’s ways, we pray about it, and God gives a green light to what we think is wrong? That’s exactly what happened to Samuel, the Old Testament prophet and judge. I sense Samuel’s experience has much to teach us today about the depth of God’s love and grace. Check out I Samuel 8:1-22, and join me in worship on Sunday-


Grace and Peace,     

Pastor Brad





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Bring your kids, we're going to talk about Summer Children's Church, acknowledge Dads, celebrate Summer Birthdays, and preview some VBS music videos!

Happy Father's Day! Youth are encouraged to join their Dad's in Worship this Sunday. There will be no Teen Sunday School.

We look forward to seeing our Youth & Young Adults NEXT SUNDAY for Young adult Explorers and Young People's Fellowship! There are no evening programs Sunday, June 16th.


Summer sun can't keep us away from celebrating and sharing the Love of God! St. John's is proud to announce 10:30 AM Summer Children's Church starting Sunday, June 23rd! If you are interested in volunteering for a Sunday (or more!) throughout the Summer, speak with Rev. Megan Berkebile, Director of Children's Ministries.

Our Church requires that ALL volunteers who work with children & vulnerable communities be trained annually. This DAYTIME Training Session is offered for Volunteers who were unable to attend Session 1. Session 1 Attendees DO NOT need to attend.

Email Pastor Megan



We need your help in making these sacks! They are easy to make and take no time at all. Our VBS and Sunday School children will be helping us by collecting the bars of soap. At this time, sacks filled with soap will be donated to Diakon Ministries and Project Arch Street Service (PASS).

If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to Roberta Nelson who will get you a packet of patterns. A collection bin will be near the Mission bulletin board for completed sacks.

Thank you!

Please contact Roberta Nelson

Email: bertahsn382@gmail.com

Text: 215-206-2846

Home Phone: 215-364-0919

Summer Mission Project


Used Clothing Drive June 9 - 30

Men - washable slacks, sweatpants, jeans; button down, tee shirts; sweaters and sweatshirts; sturdy shoes

Women - washable slacks, jeans, sweatpants; long sleeve tops, tee shirts; sweaters and sweatshirts; sturdy flat shoes

Boxes are in the narthex outside the parlor - please separate men’s and women’s clothing items as indicated

Awesome news!

Meals packaged at your Rise Against Hunger Experience have shipped.

Meals you packaged are headed to Zambia!

Zambia, a landlocked South African country, has a population of over 20 million people, where almost 55% of the population makes a living by working in agriculture. The World Food Program notes that due to El Nino weather conditions and sensitivity to rainfall, many regions of Zambia are considered hunger hot spots. The Global Hunger Index, which assesses food insecurity based on indicators that measure undernourishment and undernutrition, categorizes Zambia as having a “serious” level of hunger.

Your impact

To address some of the food security challenges that children, families, and communities here face, Rise Against Hunger partners with organizations that support educational programs by providing meals to children at schools and early childhood development centers. This is a key part of Rise Against Hunger’s Nourishing Lives pathway. In some cases, the food children receive at school will be the majority of the food they eat in a day. The meals you packaged will help ensure that children have access to the consistent nourishment they need to live healthy lives and successfully pursue their education. Learn more about the impact your meals are making by checking out our Pathways to End Hunger!

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Prayer requests are reviewed

Monday-Friday AM.


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St. John's Staff

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please notify the church office at

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Thank you!

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