Insights for Healthcare Leaders & Change-Makers
Price transparency and interoperability mandates have seemingly dominated healthcare media channels for years. And the start of July marks both continued progress on these mandates AND the release of an interim final rule for the No Surprises Act published by CMS.

To help advance the digital transformation of the healthcare system, members of the HCEG Network have participated in Focus Area Roundtables on Price Transparency and Healthcare Policy & ACA to discuss how health plans and provider organizations are addressing the various challenges, issues, and opportunities presented by these mandates. To assist with these efforts, HCEG has worked with members, sponsors, and partners to create content and networking opportunities to advance the initiatives of HCEG Network members.

As the second half of 2021 progresses, additional resources and networking opportunities are being created, collected and Focus Area Roundtables on Interoperability, NextGen/Value Payment Models, Healthcare Policy & ACA, and other priorities listed on the 2021 HCEG Top 10+ list are scheduled.

While all this is going on, HCEG continues to expand by adding a new board member and several new sponsors. Read on for information, insight, and networking opportunities of potential interest to healthcare leaders and change-makers.
Resources for Healthcare Leaders & Change-Makers
white papers - research articles – collections - newsletters – podcasts - tools
We’ve assembled a list of 50+ white paper/research articles, collections of articles, newsletters to subscribe to, podcasts to listen to, and tools that address topics of general interest to healthcare leaders and change-makers and specific focus areas of the 2021 HCEG Top 10+. These resources were identified by participants in the HCEG Network: our members, sponsors, partner organizations, and subscribers like you.

View and download the list here and submit other resources of likely interest here.
New HCEG Board Member - Angela Perri, MBA
We’re pleased to announce that Angela Perri, Vice President, Strategic Alignment, Transformation & Consumer Innovation at UPMC Health Plan has joined HCEG’s board of directors. 

In addition to serving as an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, Angela has been a frequent participant in various virtual and in-person presentations presented by HCEG and our sponsor partners. 

We’re excited to have Angela’s broad and deep healthcare industry experience - particularly in the area of Digital Transformation and Consumer Innovation - join with our other board members as we collectively navigate through these difficult and uncertain times.
Interoperability Roundtable #1 - Next Week, July 20th
The 1st Focus Area Roundtable on Interoperability takes place this coming Tuesday, July 20th at 1:00 PM ET. Attendees will be discussing

* Barriers payer and health systems are encountering with respect to interoperability

* How increased interoperability can help reshape relationships between health plans and healthcare providers

* Ways healthcare organizations can unlock additional value from their interoperability-related compliance efforts
Leaders of healthcare organizations are invited to attend this event facilitated by Surescripts. For more information on proposed discussion topics and to request an invite, please visit this page.
Healthcare Policy & ACA Roundtable #3 - August 12th
Our 3rd roundtable takes place on August 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM ET and will address how recent legislation has added stability to the ACA Marketplace and how health plans can position themselves to capitalize on the growing opportunity the Marketplace offers.

Read this white paper - How to Seamlessly Enter the Expanded ACA Marketplace - from our Focus Area Partner Softheon and register to participate in roundtable here.
Recent Presentations Facilitated by HCEG
The Perfect Storm: Keeping the Consumer Front & Center
Last month HCEG board members Dee Cruz, Chief Operating Officer at BMC HealthNet Plan, and Angela Perri, Vice President, Strategic Alignment, Transformation & Innovation at UPMC Health Plan joined Jon Burow, VP Customer Experience & Digital Transformation at Independent Health in a session at the 2021 World Health Care Congress Virtual event moderated by Ferris Taylor.

They discussed how the shift toward improved healthcare consumer experience is playing out functionally at their organizations AND how payers and providers should prepare to deliver a more personalized, engaging, integrated member experience.

View the on-demand webinar here.
Building Data Ecosystems to Maximize the Impact of Technology on Patient Care

Also at the 2021 World Health Care Congress Virtual event, Ferris moderated a discussion where senior leaders from two health systems and a health plan discuss how an analytics platform integrating multiple digital health streams supports real-time, point-of-care decision making.

View this webinar on-demand here.
3-Part, On-Demand Webinar Series

A three-part, on-demand webinar series where clinicians and industry experts – including HCEG’s Ferris Taylor and Change Healthcare SVP of Consulting David Gallegos - discuss the evolution of value-based healthcare in the wake of COVID-19. 

Access all three recordings here.
New Sponsors Support the HCEG Network
Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) is a technology-enabled provider of clinical insights to payers and patients through analytics and evidence-based clinical opinions derived from independent specialty reviews and virtual 2nd opinion solutions that empower better decision-making. MRIoA is your technology-enabled utilization and clinical review solution partner.

Learn more about MRIoA
MultiPlan helps healthcare payors manage the cost of care, improve their competitiveness and inspire positive change. Leveraging sophisticated technology, data analytics, and a team rich with industry experience, MultiPlan interprets clients’ needs and customizes innovative solutions that combine its payment and revenue integrity, network-based and analytics-based services. MultiPlan is a trusted partner to over 700 healthcare payors in the commercial health, government, and property and casualty markets.

Learn more about MultiPlan
VirtualHealth offers HELIOS®, a solution capable of seamlessly connecting all data points in the care continuum to improve outcomes and lower costs by leveraging workflows and analytics to serve as digital connective tissue between payers, providers, and members.

Learn more about VirtualHealth
More to Come from these New Sponsors & All of our Sponsor Partners

Each of these companies has unique offerings for healthcare organizations transforming their business models. We are honored to have them join our other sponsors and look forward to the thought leadership, insight, and innovations each of these new sponsors brings to the HCEG Network. 

Look for a more detailed announcement on each of these technology partners and how they will share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the HCEG Network.
Health Plan Leaders Share Insight
HCEG’s Ferris Taylor moderates a panel at a World Health Care Congress webinar series event on July 28th at 12:00 PM ET. 

In this keynote webinar kicking off a series of three webinars, senior leaders from three health plans - Premera Blue Cross, Anthem, and Geisinger - share how they are approaching digital innovation and transformation, garnering insights about their members to address gaps in care, social needs, and more; and developing strategies that improve member communications, experiences, and overall health outcomes.

Learn more about and register for this complimentary webinar here
Recent Sponsor Information & News
Zelis provides a collection of information including a No Surprises Act Overview, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Act, a diagrammatic view of the process and timeframes outlined in the No Surprises Act, an overview of ID Cards and Advanced Explanation of Benefits, an on-demand webinar on Unpacking the No Surprises Act, and more.

Access all these resources here
New HCEG sponsor VirtualHealth partnered with Healthwise to provide targeted health content to empower health plan customers to further enhance member knowledge, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

Read more here
HITRUST CSF Certification validates that HCEG's new sponsor Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) is committed to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information.

Read more here
Ryan Day, President of HST, a company recently acquired by new HCEG sponsor MultiPlan shares information HST’s past and plans for the future – specifically in regards to Value-Driven Health Plans and cost transparency. 

Read more here
Kurt J. Wrobel, president of Geisinger Health Plan, shares how their partnership with HealthSparq has helped us ensure that health plan members get access to the best possible information. 

Read more here
An overview of how pharmacists have used Surescripts Clinical Direct Messaging to deliver millions of COVID-19 vaccination notifications to primary care providers.

Read more here
Softheon’s most recent whitepaper offers health plans considerations for getting into the ACA marketplace ahead of your competitors including automating CMS and DOI compliance regulations, streamlining reconciliation-related communications, enhancing user satisfaction by offering various safe payment options, and integrating to reduce administrative overhead – among other considerations.

Read more here
In this white paper from Change Healthcare Consulting, key factors to consider at the outset of the journey to replace a health plan's core claims administration system are presented.

Read more here
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Learn more about our sponsors here. And learn about sponsoring and partnering with HCEG here.
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