January 30, 2020

Dear Neighbors of the Miramonte Rental Townhomes Construction Project,

We understand the impacts a construction project may present to your neighborhood. While we try our best to minimize these impacts through a variety of daily measures, we are aware that some days, the noise, traffic, and parking may become a nuisance to you. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to provide additional housing for UCI Faculty and Staff.

The Miramonte Rental Townhomes will consist of 124 townhomes, featuring two and three bedrooms, attached two-car garages for each townhome, guest parking, and Spanish- and Traditional-inspired architecture. Please click here to learn more about the project.

I would like to provide you with an update on the progress we have achieved thus far and the construction schedule for the coming months:

  • The wood framing on all buildings is expected to be complete by the end of March, 2020.
  • The stucco coating on all buildings is expected to be complete by the end of April, 2020.
  • Beginning in May, a majority of the remaining construction takes place inside the units.
  • Landscape planting and hardscape (concrete work) are expected to occur between February and August, 2020.
  • The first 12 units are schedule to be complete by the end of April, 2020 and the first residents are expected to begin moving in in early May, 2020.
  • All 124 units are scheduled to be complete by the end of August, 2020.
  • All 124 units are expected to be fully occupied by new residents by September, 2020.

As the construction crews complete the remaining wood framing and stucco coating through the months of February and March (2020), we anticipate that the exterior noise will decline. This typically occurs as construction crews and carpenters move inside the units to install cabinets, flooring, paint, and the finish details.

The project is being constructed in a sequence that starts with Building #1 near the intersection of Coltrane Court and Howser Street. The sequence progresses from the western edge of the site (adjacent to Rowland Court) to the eastern edge (adjacent to the future Gateway Park at the corner of Anteater Dr. & Bonita Canyon Dr.) and completes at Building #16. New residents will move in to the townhomes as they are completed in sequence between May and September, 2020.

Estimated Completion Month: *
Buildings #1-5: End of May 2020
Buildings #6-8: End of June 2020
Buildings #9-12: End of July 2020
Buildings #13-16: End of August 2020

*Construction schedules are subject to change based on weather and other considerations
The future Gateway Park, which includes a tennis court, gym equipment, tike track, open lawn area, a public restroom, outdoor kitchen and BBQ area, small dog park, and walking paths is expected to open to the community in September, 2020.
We would like to invite you to the Miramonte Rental Townhomes Open House, scheduled to take place the week of March 23, 2020 . Final dates and times will be set in the coming weeks and we will provide additional communication inviting you to attend.

If at any time you have a question about the project, please contact Bryce Bunker at 949-824-4084 .

Thank You,
Bryce Bunker
Manager Planning & Construction
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
(949) 824-2425
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