March 15, 2024

Construction Site Attitude

By Jim Thompson

I saw it again a couple of weeks ago. An example of a construction site being kept meticulously clean. And, they have airconditioned bathrooms for the construction workers (the site is in a very hot location).

It has been proven time and again that fresh construction workers walking onto a site that is kept meticulously clean perform better, have fewer accidents and the overall site productivity is higher.

I have been on sites where the manager does not allow electrical cords, welder leads, or compressed air hoses on the ground. Much safer than having trip hazards everywhere.

Most importantly morale soars, productivity soars, and again, safety is superb.

What is your excuse?

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Young Engineering Manager of the Year, call for nominations

We are looking for an individual who has done an extraordinary project, one that almost defies belief. Its extraordinary features can be schedule, technology, cost or all three. There is an age limit on the manager eligible for this award: they must be under 35 years old when they completed the project.
We have often gotten nominees that go something like this, "I nominate Joe because he has done a great job of running our engineering department for the last fifteen years." Quite frankly, we are not interested in such nominees.
However, if you know someone who has led a very exceptional project in the recent past (the last two or three years) and meets our age requirement, we want to know about it. We want to honor them and hold them up as an example for Engineering Managers in every pulp and paper mill around the world.
Just send your nomination, with as much details as you can provide, to We will seriously consider it.

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