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It's just like Pro/Angle®

Question No.1: Are all sands are the same? 
Answer: No, sands vary in mineral composition, purity, hardness, particle shape and particle size distribution to name a few ways sands can vary.
Question No.2: Are all bunker sands the same as Pro/Angle®?
Answer: No, using our most recent independent lab testing, below are the key numbers and why there is no other bunker sand quite like Pro/Angle®.

Uniformity Coefficient (U.C.) is a numerical expression of the variety in particle sizes. A U.C. of 1.0 would mean that every particle is the same size.  

Pro/Angle's U.C is 3.73 which represents a well graded sand, and the variety of particle sizes create a stable surface while allowing for good drainage.

Infiltration Rate is a measure of how quickly water permeates, or passes through a substance or area by filtering or by insinuating gradually.

Pro/Angle has an industry leading infiltration rate of 66.8 inches per hour. Your bunkers won't be retention ponds with Pro/Angle.  

D85 is a calculation based on particle size that is a “bridging criteria,” to prevent movement of particles into or through adjacent materials.  

D85 is a key number in how a sand interacts with certain aggregate liner systems, Pro/Angle measures in at 1.46 which bridges nicely with those systems.

Penetrometer: A device forced into the sand to measure resistance to vertical penetration giving a measure of how well a sand resists buried balls, known as "fried eggs". The scale runs from zero (low resistance) to 4.5 (high resistance)

Pro/Angle has been performing in the 4.0-4.5 range, some of the highest penetrometer rates in the industry.  

Hardness: Mineral hardness plays a role in the longevity and durability.  Quartz is compound consisting of one part silicon and two parts oxygen. It is silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is the most abundant mineral found at Earth's surface. Coming in at 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale of mineral hardness, quartz is as hard as steel.  

Pro/Angle's near 100% purity of SiOyields an incredibly durable product that lasts and lasts.

When someone says that "It's just like Pro/Angle®" ask to see the data, all sands are unique. 

Eric Ludewig, Sports Aggregates Sales Manager
Verti-Block™ Retaining Wall System
Spring is here and it's time to get those project started. Verti-Block is the perfect retaining wall system to use to enhance your landscape and securely retain the earth behind it. 

The designers of Verti-Block™ removed tons of weight (literally) from the blocks, making them easy to install without heavy machinery. They incorporated engineering techniques that eliminate placement errors and allow for more flexibility with drainage — saving time and money. And they are easy on the eyes, too, so they add to the beauty of every landscape.
Verti-Block™ are easy to transport and install, even in tight access spots.

Give us a call and see how easy and affordable your next project will be, more information, or a free brochure please contact:

Michael Shook, Sales/Project Manager
440.298.3232 Ext. 3294
Well it's about time!

Not only has the Mack Corporation not had a medium duty truck to offer for almost 20 years since the Mack® Mid-Liner, but now the all new Mack MD Series offers both a 33,000 lb. GVW and for the first time ever a NON-CDL 25,995 GVW truck. 

A Mack Truck, in a non-CDL version, is that a made up statement? Nope, the green Mack that you
see here has a custom made dump body with a 25,995 lb. GVW with a Cummins 6.7 liter diesel engine, an Allison 2500 series 6 speed automatic
transmission and Meritor axles.

All proven components for many years. With 8 different wheelbases that can be ordered different length dump, flatbed, van, and any other type of body from 10' to 26' can be installed. It truly will be a wonderful asset for anyone or company that purchases one for many years to come.

Bill Golden, Mack Truck Sales
Louis A. Johnson VAMC Parking Garage
The Louis A. Johnson VAMC Parking Garage is a 325 car parking garage for the VA Hospital, that just finished being erected in Clarksburg, WV. The projects consist of a total precast parking garage system with two architectural precast colors on the exterior of the garage. The stair towers have a tan thin brick cast into the precast with red thin brick bands. The General contractor is Rocky Bleier Construction Group and the Architect is Harrell Design Group out of Charlotte, NC.

Michael Shook, Sales/Project Manager
440.298.3232 Ext. 3294
Online Lunch n' Learn

AIA Cleveland is sponsoring an online Lunch n' Learn. The presentation will discuss how design and construction teams can implement ten simple strategies to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint today.
Donn C. Thompson, Senior Director, Building Innovation for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association will be the presenter.

May 4, 2021, 12:00-1:00 PM
What Motivates Us
Each month we highlight a different R.W. Sidley employee, from all divisions in the company as to what motivates them to come to work every day and do their best.
Dan Lintern, Controller 42 Years of Service
I was hired as an accountant in January 1979…over 40 years ago…and I was motivated as soon as my interview was finished.
I was told by Bob Sidley “there’s a future for you here.” It was exactly what I wanted to hear.
After I began work I was motivated by the business itself, all the different operations at Thompson; open pit silica mining, concrete, Precast, Mack; the Grand River and Ashtabula docks; several other plants; and a large truck fleet to deliver everything.
It was a lot of accounting to learn, but as I was growing in my position I was enjoying the perks of the business, such as Casement Golf course across the street, playing golf in company leagues and golf outings. Also there was Casement Airport behind the Corporate Office.
Being a history buff, my office has been another motivator, working in a historical mansion, sitting next to a working marble gas fireplace; built by the man who was part of the Transcontinental Railroad and the driving of the golden spike, General Jack Casement. It’s not your ordinary workplace.
I’ve always been proud telling people where I work and describing the company. Sidley’s has never been shy at attempting new opportunities, so it has never been boring. That has been a big motivator.
These are the tangible motivators. The intangibles have been relationships, culture, and values that I’ve shared with the people I have worked with. Many have come and gone…and stayed. I’ve been working with most of my fellow office people for decades. 
The R.W. Sidley Company has given me my career and livelihood. I’ll be retiring this year, and I’ll always be grateful.
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is the exclusive Builders Club sponsor for concrete, block, brick and aggregates in Northeast Ohio and the Pittsburgh area. There is no cost for a home builders to be part of this program. Buy from R.W. Sidley, Inc., pay within terms, earn rewards points! It's that simple. Points can be used on a huge selection tools, electronics, travel and much more. Contact one of salespeople today for more information and to start earning rewards!
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