Pro/Angle® Logistics

Made in Ohio, but played in 25 States and 1 Canadian Province!

Pro/Angle®, the premium and original 100% angular bunker sand covers some serious miles.
Our customers near and far know the quality and performance of Pro/Angle® is worth the trip!

How do we cover so much ground?

Trucking - our most common method, we work with experienced trucking partners to fulfill our customers orders.

Rail - When distance and volume call for it, we have the ability to load and ship rail cars to cover those miles efficiently.

Barge - For customers near ports on the US inland river system, we have the ability to load barges on the Ohio River floating towards various ports.

We look at multiple shipping methods for our customers to find cost effective, efficient ways to deliver. No matter where it is, we can get Pro/Angle® there!

Eric Ludewig, Sports Aggregates Sales Manager
Verti-Block™ Retaining Wall System

Washington Financial Bank recently renovated their facility in Finleyville, PA, the renovations included a Verti-Block™ retaining wall to protect their parking lot. The Verti-Block™ were pigmented to meet the customers specifications, therefore the color is integral throughout the block.

Verti-Block™ was created with landscaping in mind -- we've made it easy to transport and install, there's no need for heavy machines like a telehandler or crane. The male and female connection eliminates placement error, ensuring strength and an exact installation every time. Also, the engineered hollow cavities allow for more flexibility with drainage and less concrete required for each block which will save time and money.

Sidley Precast produces Verti-Block™ at our Youngwood, Pa location. For more information, or a free brochure please contact:

Michael Shook, Sales/ Project Manager
440.298.3232 Ext. 3294
PCI Architectural Certification Program

For over 40 years, PCI's Plant Certification Program has ensured that each plant has developed and documented an in-depth, in-house quality system based on time-tested national industry standards.
The recently refined PCI Architectural Certification Program, includes all of the producer and designer resources you need to stay on top of the latest developments. Included are publications, FAQs, updated timelines, and much more. PCI has created an PCI Architectural Certification brochure which introduces designers to the program

Each PCI-certified architectural precast concrete producer will be certified in one of five categories, AA, AB, AC, AD & AT . All five certification categories require high levels of color and finish consistency. These categories define the producer’s manufacturing capabilities based on the type of architectural precast concrete products they typically produce. Category requirements include:
  • Color & finish
  • Embedded material & veneer
  • Panel geometry
  • Technology
  • Key feature evaluation during plant audit cycle
  • Production tolerances
  • Plant audit frequency
  • Erection tolerances
  • PCI Certified Erector
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

For more information the PCI Architectural Certification Program and how Sidley Precast Group can help your next project be a success contact:

Robert Pabst, General Manager
44.298.3232 Ext. 3112

The Mack® Truck Corporation can build a beautiful, well engineered and top quality controlled truck. Any color that a
customer might want Mack® can provide, including a dual color tractor that shows how your company stands out from all the others.
Mack® can also install extra equipment at the Mack - Customer Adaptation Center - after the tractor has been built. In this case a pusher axle with wheels & tires exactly as the customer ordered is what was installed and ready to be delivered as soon as arriving from the Mack Assembly Plant in Macungie, PA - All American Built.

Bill Golden, Mack Truck Sales
Construction Aggregates
All R.W. Sidley Builders Centers offer a wide range of construction aggregates. We offer multiple sizes of silica sands and gravels, limestone, bank sand & gravels, crushed concrete and decorative landscape gravels.
You can pick up at your local location or call for delivery. Click here for a list of locations and hours of operation. If you need larger quantities please give us a call for a quote.

440.298.3232 Ext. 3135
VP Aggregate Sales
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is the exclusive Builders Club sponsor for concrete, block, brick and aggregates in Northeast Ohio and the Pittsburgh area. There is no cost for a home builders to be part of this program. Buy from R.W. Sidley, Inc., pay within terms, earn rewards points! It's that simple. Points can be used on a huge selection tools, electronics, travel and much more. Contact one of salespeople today for more information and to start earning rewards!
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