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UPMC Mercy Vision & Rehabilitation Hospital Parking Garage, Pittsburgh, PA.
UPMC Mercy Vision & Rehabilitation Hospital Parking Garage

In May, the Ironworkers Topping Out Ceremony was held at the new 820-car parking garage, part of a $390M renovation project at UPMC Mercy Vision & Rehab Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. The ceremony takes place when the skeleton of the structure is completed, it is a signal that the uppermost point is completed. The tree is meant as a good luck charm for the occupants of building and that project went up with no loss of life.

The exterior of the parking garage consists of thin brick inlay precast panels. The structural frame is traditional precast components consisting of columns, double tees, shear walls, lite walls, inverted T-beams, ledger beams, stairs and stair tower panels. The garage is a 2-bay wide structure with 2 CIP levels below-grade then transitioning to precast at grade which necessitated the crane used for erection to be positioned outside the footprint of the garage and reach across 2 bays.

The construction manager at risk on the project was a joint venture of Mascaro Construction Company, LP and Barton Malow.

Michael Shook, Sales/Project Manager
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Pro/Angle® Particle Characteristics

In addition to mineral composition and purity of sand, particle shape, size and particle distribution impact how a sand performs in a designed application. Naturally occurring sands are generally round as they were deposited by water or wind. On the golf course, these sands are most often used for topdressing because of their ease of movement. That ease of movement is the opposite of what is desired in bunkers. Rain, wind, and golfers easily move rounded sand particles within the bunker creating the need for maintenance, fried egg lies, and inconsistent footing for golfers.  

Pro/Angle® is 100% angular, it's designed to stay in place.

Particle size, shape and the distribution of those particles impact how a sand handles drainage and moisture. The distribution of the particle sizes is referred to as the Uniformity Coefficient (UC). When a bunker sand is composed of small particles with a low UC, the pore spacing is impacted and the result is a slow draining bunker. Additionally, those tightly packed particles may retain moisture impacting the performance of the sand. 

Pro/Angle's particle size is larger than most bunker sands and the high uniformity coefficient (the distribution of the particles) create a premium performing bunker sand. Pro/Angle® drains at over 60 inches per hour, and retains moisture keeping the bunker firm, but not wet.  

The image above is the same magnification of 3 different bunker sands...easy to spot the particle size and shape differences.  

How does your sand measure up?

Eric Ludewig, Sports Aggregates Sales Manager

R.W. Sidley, Inc. (vendor number 161325) received approval from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) for the state’s COSTARS program as a qualified supplier for Water & Wastewater Treatment Consumables.

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program and serves as a conduit through which registered and eligible local public procurement units (LPPUs) and state-affiliated entities are able to leverage contracts established by DGS to cost-effectively and efficiently identify suppliers with whom to do business. 

R.W. Sidley’s operates a state-of-the-art processing plant that produces the highest quality products virtually free of deleterious materials. Our processed silica sands and gravels are from our Thompson mine part of the Sharon conglomerate formation. All silica filter sands and gravels are washed, dried and screened at the Thompson plant and meet AWWA B-100 standards for granular filter media and NSF-61 requirements for drinking water
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is approved for the following product categories, all products are available in standard sizes and U.C. 1.5-1.7, tighter U.C. sizes available upon request. Available packaging: bulk, 50 lb. bags and super sacks.

  • Filter Media – Anthracite
  • Filter Media – Garnet
  • Filter Media – Gravel
  • Filter Media - Sand

For more information, please visit the COSTARS website or contact us directly.

Rob Sidley, VP/Aggregate Sales
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Mike Mongell, Silica Product Line Manager

Let's talk dashboards. Why would we do that! Because that's where the driver interacts with his/her car and or in Mack's case a truck. From the time that a driver gets in the driver's seat and operates the vehicle all day long gauges, dials, and switches need to be looked for and found quickly so that the driver can quickly re-look at the road and see what is going on. Mack has done a beautiful job of designing a very well thought out wrap around dash board that has all the switches within a very close reach. The crossbar in the steering wheel doesn't interfere with the speedometer and other need to be looked at gauges. The steering wheel has a flat bottom for more room in the cab and also for a clip board to be rested on for easier writing. The extremely quiet 3 position engine brake is easily engaged with the right hand fingers. All other gauges that help a driver perform his pre-trip he can see by just sitting the drivers seat. Mack has done a great job in designing the "Anthem" interior. Click here to see more of Anthem's features.

Bill Golden, Mack Truck Sales
Online Lunch n' Learn

AIA Cleveland is sponsoring an online Lunch n' Learn. Concrete is the most widely used building product in the world, yet its sustainability can often be questioned. This presentation will clarify the true environmental impact of cement and concrete while identifying the new products and manufacturing methods that are enhancing concrete’s performance to address today’s environmental challenges. Donn C. Thompson, Senior Director, Building Innovation for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association will be the presenter.

July 13, 2021, 12:00-1:00 PM
1 LU
The PCI Color and Texture Online
Selection Guide is a great resource to compare various colors and textures of precast concrete.

The guide contains more than 500 sample photographs which are numbered and arranged from light to dark. Most of the samples feature different finishes and are numbered separately.
What Motivates Us
Each month we highlight a different R.W. Sidley employee, from all divisions in the company as to what motivates them to come to work every day and do their best.
Rob Wilson, VP/Construction Supply 33 Years of Service
I started working at R.W. Sidley in March 1988. From the start I enjoyed the variety of different projects we are involved in, from providing over 2 millions sq. ft. of concrete at Ultium in Lordstown, OH, to radiation shield concrete at Perry Nuclear Power Plant. Our masonry products span from Ohio-Michigan border to the Ohio-Kentucky border.
R.W. Sidley is not only a family owned business, but working here has a family atmosphere and I enjoy it everyday.
I have been a Quality Control Technician, QC Manager and currently Vice President of the Construction Supply Group.

(Pictured left is Rob Wilson, then Regional Manager and Ray Martin, Vice President in 1999, at Quail Hollow condo development.)
R.W. Sidley, Inc. is the exclusive Builders Club sponsor for concrete, block, brick and aggregates in Northeast Ohio and the Pittsburgh area. There is no cost for a home builders to be part of this program. Buy from R.W. Sidley, Inc., pay within terms, earn rewards points! It's that simple. Points can be used on a huge selection tools, electronics, travel and much more. Contact one of salespeople today for more information and to start earning rewards!
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