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Considering Your Choices For Euthanasia
When the time comes to say goodbye to your precious companion, you may struggle with the decision about end of life care. While some pets may pass on their own at home, others may need the assistance of a veterinarian to spare them from pain and suffering.

AT-HOME EUTHANASIA : Being at home means not having to get a sick pet into and out of the car to bring them to the veterinarian's office. Your family can chose everything about your pet’s final moments-where and what they lay on, music, lighting, food and toys to name a few.

AT THE VET EUTHANASIA : Ask if your vet has a back entrance and/or a quiet room set aside for euthanasia so you and your pet can avoid the waiting room. You may want to bring a favorite bed or blanket for your pet to lay on.
Help your pet feel calm -- if your pet always wears a collar, leave it on until they have passed, since taking it off may cause them panic or concern.

THE TIME BEFORE THE END: As your pet's time draws near, it is important to make their final moments special, such as giving them forbidden treats or taking them for a ride or stroll to a favorite place. While this will be a difficult day for you, it does not have to be the saddest day for your beloved pet. Shower your pet with love -- your final gift to your precious companion.

For a list of veterinarians who will come to your home to perform euthanasia, click on Veterinary Resources ,


Pet First Aid Class

June 2nd
11:00 am
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is again planning to offer a FREE Pet First Aid Class on Saturday, June 2nd at 11:00 am. There are two types of classes that could be offered:

2 HOUR CLASS ( Basic Pet First Aid Class)
Great for pet parents who want a basic knowledge of what to do for the most common emergency situations.

  • CPR Demonstration & Rescue Breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Heatstroke
  • Hypothermia
  • Seizures
  • Poisoning
  • Choking
  • Assessing Pet's Vital Signs
  • Assembling a Pet First Aid Kit

5 HOUR CLASS (Pet First Aid Certification Class)
Great for people who work with pets or for pet parents who desire a more in-depth knowledge of pet first aid. A Certificate of Training is awarded at the completion of the class. This class covers all of the topics in the 2 hour class, plus the following additional topics, and includes hands-on CPR practice:

  • Injury Assessment
  • Handling & Safety
  • Bites & Stings
  • Fractures & Limb Injuries
  • Snout to Tail Wellness Assessment
  • Bloat
  • Emergency Preparedness For Your Pets

So the choice is up to you! Please call me at 412/220-7800 by April 15th to register for the class you would like to attend.

The class with the most registrations as of April 15th is the one that will be offered in June.

Regardless of which class is offered, class will begin at 11:00a.m. and be held at the Bridgeville Public Library. 

I'm hoping to hear from you--
What To Consider When Choosing An Urn

Photo Of Your Pet
When you look at the urn--do you want to see a picture of your pet? Some urn designs allow you to easily insert or change a photo of your pet while others are intended to be installed and left there permanently. The frame shape can accent a photo or suggest a sentiment.

Magic Window
These urns allow you to insert a favorite picture of your pet into the urn. Magic Window refers to the design feature that makes insertion of the picture simple.

Wooden Photo Boxes
Photo Box urns accommodate either a horizontal or a vertical picture. They are available in several sizes and have three finishes--black satin, burgundy satin or a faux wood grain.
To learn more about What To Consider When Choosing An Urn,
please click www.ccpc.ws