Volume 6 | August 2018
Thru-line Marketing Company Profile
Earlier this month, the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) welcomed Thru-line Marketing as new members. Thru-line Marketing is a employment services company in Lenexa, K.S. with the main goal of “connect[ing] directly with employers to help them establish a steady source of qualified and trained employee applicants for jobs they need to fill,” explains Charles Stiles, Thru-line's content manager/copywriter. “We are working to partner with national level associations like SBCA to best support occupation areas where a significant job need exist. Our hope is these relationships will help ensure we have the right training and the proper prospect qualification process to meet industry needs.”
Perfect10 Product Profile
Product Profile Provided by Perfect10
Perfect 10 is a leader in Fiber Optic Solutions. We have a complete line of communication cabling for fiber optics including, connectors, bulk cable, custom cable assemblies, fiber optic consumable items as well as Category 5e and 6 cabling. We also carry fiber optic security systems, active network equipment, test and splicing equipment and tool kits. Perfect 10 stocks all necessary components for a smooth, successful installation.
Did you know?
Maximum bandwidth, longer transmission distance, resistance to electromagnetic interference and higher security are all critical advantages of fiber to network installations.

  • SPEED: Fiber optic offers a much faster connection versus even the highest-speed copper cable.
  • SECURITY: Hacking into fiber optic cable is a much more complex process as compared
to tapping into copper and electrical wiring. The only way to penetrate fiber is to physically cut the fibers making a tap easily identifiable

  • RELIABILITY: Fiber-optic cable does not transmit an electrical signal, only light. Therefore fiber is not susceptible to inclement weather. Weather can damage or interrupt data transmission in traditional copper wire.
  • EFFICIENCY: Fiber can transmit more data at a higher

  • throughput over longer distances than copper wire.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: LAN copper cable is delicate. Fiber is lighter-weight and has more strength and greater tolerance to abuse than copper wire, making it much easier to work with during installation.
  • LONG TERM STABILITY: Fiber is much sturdier than copper cable. It can withstand about 100-200 pounds of pressure meaning it is far less likely to be damaged.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that Single mode fiber can transmit 60km, without needing signal amplification

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Sling TV Hit a New All Time High With 2.3 Million Subscribers
Sling TV has 2.3 million subscribers, making it the largest live TV streaming service, per parent company DISH Network. DISH has nearly 13 million subscribers between Sling TV and its traditional pay-TV service.