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TN-CAPS is preparing to have the official launch in the six pilot areas across the state in January! Professional development sessions are scheduled for each of the areas to train teachers and staff on the use of the tremendous resources that are available for them! Visit our website at .
Last month's issue reviewed the heart of the TN-CAPS pilots— local Chambers and businesses across the state who were stepping up to provide information on workforce needs, provide information and feedback for the lessons, and offer time, talents, and resources to bring careers into classrooms. More businesses are being recruited to ensure we can provide connections from the area businesses to TN-CAPS. If you are or know of a business that might engage, please fill out this simple Business Survey .
"TN-CAPS directly aligns with the post-secondary goals of the Jackson-Madison County School District by providing students with access to local opportunities to increase the talent pipeline. The program also promotes the work we are doing at the Jackson Chamber to provide our local industry with skilled workers and a healthy economic environment ,” stated Vicki Bunch, Vice President of Talent Development at the Jackson Chamber.
“We hope the entire state embraces this program to continue building upon the economic gains we've had and provide a brighter future for Tennessee."
The TN-CAPS portal and lesson plans were developed by aligning with data on Tennessee's business environments and workforce needs for the future. Proprietary employer data collected by the TN Chamber specifically for TN-CAPS was cross-referenced with Tennessee Labor Education Alignment Program (LEAP) information and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s 2019 annual report, which ranked Tennessee's Top 25 High-Demand Occupations based on projected annual job openings from 2016 to 2026.

Each TN-CAPS lesson plan includes two levels of activities that demonstrate tasks in the specific career, while also linking to the skills being taught in each of the four grade levels: Kindergarten-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, middle school and high school. Then, each lesson provides a way to engage and connect to local businesses that hire that type of career.

Nine top careers were selected for inclusion in the initial release of TN-CAPS lessons based on the highest demand careers, desired living wages and employer availability for the four age groups that the program serves. Here are examples of four of the introductory 36 pilot lesson plans:

  • For Kindergarten-2nd grade, the Programming Our World lesson introduces students to the career of a computer programmer, and describes how computer programming plays a major role in technologies that we see in everyday life. Rutherford County teachers will be able to bring this career into classrooms by connecting with Dell and Nissan.
  • For grades 3-5, the Nurses Help Maintain Healthy Lifestyles lesson plan highlights some of the skills a nurse uses on a daily basis to provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support. Hamilton County teachers will be able to bring this career into classrooms by connecting with Erlanger Health System and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.
  • In Managing Resources, students in grades 6-8 will learn how industrial production managers oversee daily operations of manufacturing and related plants. Kingsport City Schools' teachers will be able to bring this career into classrooms by connecting with BAE Systems, The Brock Group, Domtar Paper Company and Miyake Forging.
  • High schoolers will discuss the skills an electrician uses in the Exploring Solar Energy lesson to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures. Collierville Schools teachers will be able to connect with John Worley Jr. Builder and Tennessee Builders Education Foundation to bring this career into classrooms.
These lessons are currently being reviewed by practitioners across the state and will be included in the launch in January. As TN-CAPS expands, there will be even more careers added and featured in lesson plans. Businesses can get involved by completing the Business Survey to indicate their workforce needs and willingness to engage with local schools, allowing students to “see what they can be” in TN-CAPS.
Sneak Peek: TN-CAPS Portal
TN-CAPS web portal provides an easy way for all partners to participate through an orientation to the program for local chambers, business partners and schools. 

The portal is designed to allow educators easy access to lesson plans that help engage students of all ages to learn about local careers and businesses with job opportunities.

In the portal, teachers simply select their district and school to receive applicable lesson plans and information—searchable by industry, career name and participating businesses—without any need for passwords or other specific accounts. 
The business listings include contact information and ways that the business has indicated that they will engage with the schools and students.

To explore the engagement portion of the portal, please visit our website at
The interactive portion of the portal will be released in early January 2020. This initial release will include:

  • 9 careers
  • 36 lesson plans
  • Over 75 participating business profiles

If you were unable to attend the November Webinar where the TN-CAPS portal was demonstrated, please revisit the recording here.
Help spread the word about this great opportunity coming to classrooms across Tennessee! Forward this email to your colleagues and ask them to sign up to stay informed and receive updates on TN-CAPS!

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