Global Great Commission Network Update
December 2021 Newsletter #31
Connect Full Graphic
Greetings from the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN). We are pleased to report in this issue the continued development and utilization of Connect, the FREE GGCN sponsored mission focused social networking tool for the furtherance of Great Commission collaborative efforts.

The 'Connect GC Network' mobile app can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play graphics links on this page.

Connect is a FREE, grassroots, online, collaborative network that is provided for global Great Commission practitioners and participants. It is not limited to mission professionals. A primary purpose of Connect is that global, grassroot voices (your voice) will be heard.
Register or log into Connect at or through the 'Connect GC Network' mobile app. This is a place to share your ministry, your dreams, your resources, and your ideas. Connect is a place where any ministry or individual can interface with the broad spectrum of Great Commission efforts.
Your Participation Is Needed

For the Connect network and vision to succeed, YOU are needed. That means your participation and your input:

  • Regularly log on and interact with other users. Comment on and Like posts of other users. Establish "Connections" (Friends) with other users. Share Great Commission items of interest that you are aware of and share your own resources and ministries. You are the global voice that needs to be heard.

  • Invite your personal ministry friends and others to register with Connect and interact with you and others in the global mission community.

  • Consider using Connect for your agency, organization, or network as a secure online communications platform. Avoid the effort and cost of creating your own platform. Connect is provided FREE to any legitimate Great Commission participant. Use a Connect group for your secure, online communications need, with the use if desired of a private and/or hidden group. This gives your group a complete online communications and collaboration platform and. IN ADDITION, AND AT THE OPTION OF USERS, it allows your members to interact with the broader mission community.

  • Be part of the Connect development and leadership team. We are looking for a few users to work closely together to manage and further develop Connect. Connect is by design a grassroots effort. Let us know of your interest and availability at

For a further description of Connect and Connect features, download a brochure here.  We look forward to seeing you online..
Connecting with the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN)

GGCN is an autonomous grouping of interconnected people and mission agencies,
associations, churches, networks and other ministries. Our vision is to see connection, communication, and collaboration occurring on a local, grassroots level.

We encourage you to collaborate with others in your regional area and around the world. This is possible through Connect or through the growing number of GGCN local networks. To be part of the GGCN network, initiate contact with others in your area as follows:

Help us take GGCN and Connect to the next level of collaboration. Your participation and engagement is greatly valued and is invited!

David Hupp, Facilitator for the GGCN Global Steering Team