Members enjoyed a lively discussion with Rabbi Prass on Mitzvot and related topics prior to last week's Shabbat service.

May 25, 2023 | 5 Sivan 5783






3 Paula Krupnick

3 Zachary Tuman

4 Samuel Katz

8 Julia Baskin

13 Brian Katz

20 Pam Lentz Landsberg

21 Morton Berenson

23 Theodore Herbst

25 Levi Hensley

28 Richard Gluckman

29 Sophia Mae Zwerling


Please keep the following friends and family

in your prayers for a return to health:

Erin Baker

Barbara Baron

Michael Baskin

Kevin Belcher

Michelle Belcher

Mike Bikman

Gary Blum

Alvia Brown

Bill English

Robin Flake

Robyn Gandelman

Daniel Goldman

Andrew Goldstein

Dana Goldstein

Emily Gutenstein

Sylvia Handel

Ash Holder

Linda Hollingsworth

Sue Huebsch

Erin James

Dana Krupnick

Mel Krupnick

Paula Krupnick

Eden Lazarus

Pam Lustgarten

Jeff Meyer

Wendy Meyer

Carol Milsen

Earl Morris

Ilona Morris

Paul Pizzini

Zulma Rosenfeld

Suzi Rubin

Leonard Schwartz

David Stoll

Aachary Tuman

Mak Yost



We remember those who passed away this year:

Bernice Baron (aunt of Robin Flake)

Steve Finlay (friend of Wendy Meyer)

Paul Franklin (father of Amy Boyer)

Tim Hoffmeister (friend of Meyer family)

Bob Huebsch (husband of Sue Huebsch)

Joan Long Solomon (aunt of Michael Gutensten)

Hal Schwartz (father of Charlie Schwartz)

Judi O'Connor (friend of Flake Family)

Carol Rosenfeld Goldman (sister of Joe Rosenfeld)

Dot Tedeschi (friend of Flake family)

Rob Whyte (friend of Jim Cyganek)


With fondness and affection we remember

those whose Yahrzeits are in May:

Arthur Abrams (father of Bob Abrams)

Jeanne Friedman (grandmother of Julie Berenson)

Bill Hawley (stepfather of Kristine Goldstein)

Abbie Jan Huebsch (daughter of Sue Huebsch)

Richard Allan James III (son of Shelli James)

George Malin (grandfather of Caren Doleys)

Erin Moore (wife of Gerald, mother of

Hayden & Noah)

Nancy Pasenkoff Cassone (friend of Elaine Gutenstein)

Mildred Rosenfeld (mother of Joe Rosenfeld

Nancy Rosenfeld (cousin of Joe Rosenfeld)

Leonard Segal (father of Ken Segal)

Ida Segal (grandmother of Ken Segal)

Abe Stern (grandfather of Matthew Berenson)

Jerome Tasman (father of Karen Goldstein)

Yehi zichronam l'vracha - May their memories be for a blessing; may they rest in peace. Amen. 

Observe the tradition of giving tzedakah (charity) to commemorate the annual Yahrzeit of a loved one's passing by making a donation in their memory. CLICK HERE to donate. If you would like to purchase a plaque in memory of your loved ones, please contact Michael Gutenstein.


Naso I ... Take a Census

The Eternal One spoke to Moses: "Take a census

of the Gershonites also, by their ancestral house

and by their clans." - Numbers 4:21-22


  • A census of the Gershonites, Merarites, and Koathites between the ages of thirty and fifty is conducted and their duties in the Tabernacle are detailed. (4:21-49)
  • God speaks to Moses concerning what to do with ritually unclean people, repentant individuals, and those who are suspected of adultery. (5:1-31)

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge recent donations

and pledges from the following families:

Gary (Gershon) Morris 

Robin and Robin Flake

In Memory of Sam Perlman

Sue and Larry Goldstein

In Honor of Julie Segal’s birthday

Peggy and Bob Abrams 

In memory of Arthur Abrams

In memory of Harriet Schannon

Passover Donations

David Joffe

Cecilia and Harry Price

Barry Lederman

Sue Huebsch

Maryanne and Jonathon Herbst

Robert Simon

Richard Gluckman

Jennifer and Brad Seitel

Bari Tuman and Patrick O’Krongly


Home Depot | Brad Seitel

Ila and Morton Berenson

In Honor of Julie Segal’s birthday

Gershon Morris 

Bari Tuman and Patrick O’Krongly

 URJ Membership

Joshua Petry 

Irwin Goldstein

In memory of Elaine Goldstein

Sue Huebsch

In memory of beloved Bob Huebsch

For the Yahrzeits of

Ben Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander

Robert Huebsch Sr

Charlotte Huebsch

Joanne Huebsch

David Huebsch

In appreciation of Rabbi Prass, the Ritual Committee and the Building Committee


Elaine and Michael Gutenstein

for Yahrzeits of

Jeffery Lustgarten

Sheldon Lustgarten

Robert Gutenstein

Ellen Gutenstein

In memory of Joan Long Salomon


Sue and Larry Goldstein

In memory of

Betty Goldstein

Elaine Goldstein

Carole Rosenfeld Goldman

Your donation means a great deal to us.


todah rabah

Thank you to all our members that were able to attend the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 7. I hope those of you that were not

able to be there in person have had a chance to review

the meeting slides that were sent out on May 14.

Your Board appreciates those that have stepped up to become a committee member and/or volunteered to help out with our upcoming fundraising efforts. It certainly takes a village , or in our case,

a community, to keep our Synagogue going. There are

plenty of opportunities for others to get involved,

so please contact your Board if interested.

We will be focusing on growing membership, which includes

the addition of Religious School students, reaching out to our community through social action endeavors and keeping

our current members engaged in events/activities.

An activities survey was sent out last week to our members;

if you have not already completed it, please take a few minutes

to do so as we value and need your input and would like to

see each and every member attend our events.

Thank you,

Julie Segal, President, CNT

Religious School

Year End Celebration!

A super fun and tasty time was enjoyed by all.

We need a name!

The fundraising committee is planning a Fall Festival with food, games, music, pumpkin carving and Halloween stuff.

We will have an auction, raffles and a program to sell advertising space. We need a creative name for this October event.

Send your best ideas to 

by May 30. A prize will be given to the person

who submits the chosen name.


Rabbi Joseph Prass

Religious School Principal: Rob Goldstein


President: Julie Segal

Vice President: Brad Seitel

Secretary: Johanna Kohler

Director of Finance: Michael Gutenstein

Director of Communications: Wendy Meyer

Director of Education: Rob Goldstein

Director at Large: Bari Tuman

Director at Large: Kristine Goldstein


Wendy Meyer


with your CNT community in Chai Lights. Send details and

a photo to by noon Wednesday. Please send to so we can share during services.


If you would like to sponsor an oneg in honor of a birthday, anniversary or any other event, please reach out to the Ritual Committee:

Ways to help CNT


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