Dear YPIE Family,

We proudly celebrate the YPIE Class of 2025 who demonstrated unrivaled resilience to stay the course and are heading to amazing colleges in the fall. We encourage you to hear some of their stories.

See highlights below from our YPIE culminating events that showcase the impressive work of our students and the collective impact of our nearly 300 volunteers. 

We look forward to a busy summer of learning in preparation for a new and re-energized school year. We invite you to stay in touch and come visit our students at the YPIE College Zone!

With gratitude,

Sam Wallis
Executive Director, YPIE
YPIE Scholars presented in-depth science research, compelling journalism, powerful films, creative new business plans, clever engineering projects, and many other impressive projects at the YPIE Science Research and Majors Symposiums.

Even with the rigorous challenges of the pandemic, YPIE students continued to persevere and conduct college-level research." --Darius, YPIE Scholar

The YPIE Regeneron Science Research program is one of our first YPIE Majors. This year, YPIE Scholars’ authentic research explored a range of topics, including environmental science, cybersecurity, diabetes, learning, and mental health.

At our YPIE Volunteer Gratitude Reception, we celebrated the nearly 300 YPIE Graduation and Essay coaches who play an invaluable role in our students' lives.

We were honored to recognize Marie Rama as the recipient of the inaugural Wendy R. Nadel Volunteer Legacy Award. Hear Marie's powerful words as she accepts this meaningful award.
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