Graduation time 

is fast approaching,

and for everyone

who has a graduation

coming up, we’ve got 

you covered!

If you’re looking

for pleasant treats

to celebrate your

grads, we have 

all sorts of

goodies for 

the occasion.

Come take a


And if you

would like to show

some appreciation

for teachers and 

all the good work

they do, we have 

a collection tailored

for teachers as well:

The world is changing

so fast it feels difficult

to keep up, and we have

nothing but admiration

for the next generation

of thinkers, dreamers,

and doers, who are now

poised to make their

mark on things.

Let’s show some love 

for all of the hard work

our grads and teachers

have done this year.

What good work

it has been.

With love,

your crew at StoryPeople





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