Hi everybody,

I'm writing from Seattle, in the middle of a road trip with my sister. Right now we're in our hotel on Lake Union and the sun is shining. Not only that, but I didn't think to bring my score, so this column is going to be short!

I was thrilled at how much growth we achieved last Tuesday! How did it happen, that after I challenged you to observe every single dynamic marking, you did! You must have been able to tell the difference: the effect was ravishing.

My other challenge to you was in the vowel category, and there we still have to catch the miscreants! I have to conclude that some people have yet to speak through the text as shown in your pronunciation guide. Yes, Dvorak didn't use the entire text of the Stabat Mater, but just underline or highlight the texts we do have! Anyway, we'll keep watching out for those pesky places. I have to think that those who are mispronouncing simply can't hear themselves. Here's a suggestion: could you all be brave enough to say to your neighbors, "Would you please tell me if I'm the one singing 'ih' when it should be 'ee'?" It takes humility and courage to do that, but it would be for the greater good...it's really no different than telling someone they have spinach between their teeth!

I felt extremely happy with all of the inner movements, but have some major concerns about the first and last movements, especially the first with all its chromaticisms. We'll look closely at that movement; I think we've not spent as much time on it, so it feels uncertain. There are a few rhythmic issues in the soprano section, as well. As for the final movement, one big issue is the tuning of the last few pages. We don't want to end the whole performance on sour notes. We'll give attention to that, as well as making sure we're rock-solid on strictly keeping the time as we come off the long held chords into the a cappella hymn. It's so rich and satisfyingcan we just memorize it? (Thought so.)

I love you all, and want only the best for you in this performance. That's why I'm nagging right now: if I didn't care, I wouldn't be after you so much. Actually, I love the music even more! It's worthy of our very best.

Have a happy Easter, and see you on Tuesday.


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