You were just great on Tuesday night, one of the most successful first orchestra rehearsals we've had in a long time! Of course, we're coming off two successive terms of having to white-knuckle really challenging pieces that were not only difficult in themselves but with orchestral accompaniments that weren't always on your side, as it were. So, as I assured you, this piece is like a warm bath by comparison, isn't it?

You all sang with confidence and with attention to detail such as dynamics and diction, though I will say that word endings could have been given much more attention, especially those with pitched consonants. I'll be thrilled if you could add that bit of polish next time. The unaccompanied passages kept their intonation and energy. It's going to be fun to do it all again on Saturday afternoon.

I want to give you character words to write at the beginning of each movement, but first a couple of general guidelines, i.e., things to remember:

Music must always be going somewhere or coming from somewhere. It must never march in place, being beat-driven. Line is everything; without it, music isn't musical. Lately you've been showing much more attention to the syllables that need to blossom in Latin, not our native language, and it makes a huge difference; that, and observing ALL the dynamic markings, are what really communicates to the audience. Don't let your attention to those elements sag as you get tired!

Tell your face what the words are saying, what the mood is. No, you don't have to look anguished throughout this work: a serious, intent look will be best until the last movement, when you must look joy-filled! I'm pretty serious about looking engaged, though. I might suggest that you each get your music, stand in front of a mirror, and sing something! There are several of you who routinely sing with totally blank faces. It's unbelievable. I know you're music lovers, too, so you must have no idea it's you. (Ask me!) The eyes of the audience quickly go to faces that aren't like the others, and stay there, wondering why they're in the group if they're not into the performance.

Please write these character words at the beginning of each choral movement:


I. Stabat Mater Dolorosa - Grief, coming in waves

III. Eia Mater - Stoicism, walking behind the coffin (m.37 & 93: giving way to grief)

IV. Fac Ut Ardeat Cor Meum - Kneeling in prayer

V. Tui Nati Vulnerati - Graciously lilting

VI. Fac Me Vere Tecum Flere - Drawing effortlessly forward

VII. Virgo Virginum Praeclara - Simply, naively

X. Quando Corpus Morietur - Joy, power, rising to heaven


It's been a wonderful journey, preparing this beautiful piece! Let's do this!


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