February 2022

In talking with many of you over the years, one of the biggest challenges in sharing PEMF with others is how to explain the technology. PEMF in a Nutshell is an excellent new piece from Swiss Bionic Solutions. With the proliferation of research in recent years (search PEMF at The National Library of Medicine), there are more copycat devices entering the marketplace. This new Buyers Guide sorts through the many reasons why Swiss Bionics is the company of choice when it comes to advanced technology and design as well as approvals and certifications by US and international regulatory agencies.

Are you in a slump and not using your mat regularly? Please take a look at these documents to understand the benefits from daily use of PEMF. In over 10 years of both using and marketing this product, it is clear to me that those of us who use it daily have the most significant benefits including deeper sleep, less pain and more energy.

If you have an athlete in your family or circle of friends, share PEMF for Athletes with them. They may want to consider renting an iMRS for training and recovery purposes and eventually want one for regular use. We will thank you for helping to educate those around you by sending you $200 for any iMRS Prime or Omnium1 device that is purchased from Healthy Spaces as a result of your referral. Please take a few minutes to email us your experience with your PEMF system - it can be such an encouragement to others.

I love this recent testimonial from one of our iMRS owners: "I look forward to laying on my mat every morning as I take the time to really relax and go “inward”. This is the time I notice and pay attention to what areas of my body are calling out for attention. Wherever I have some congestion or discomfort I will feel it when laying on the mat before I ever feel it otherwise. The energy from the mat opens up these areas and brings in more circulation which is healing." Karen Lee

iMRS Owners:
We have been able to obtain iMRS components for those of you who have requested replacements, but there is a limited quantity available. At this point, only refurbished mats and probes are available with one year warranties and there are still new pillow pads with the full three year warranty. Let me know if you wish to replace any parts that are past warranty.
Omnium 1 Owners:
Are you tired of unplugging and switching out components each time you change from the mat to the pillow to the spot? Did you know there is a 3 in 1 adapter available for $214? Also, if you have the original tablet and would like the 2.0 version, there is an upgraded tablet available only to original owners for $644. Give us a call and we can explain the details.
iMRS Prime Owners:
Please update your firmware to Version 2.18 by clicking here
If you need assistance with your update, please reach out via phone or email and we will be happy to help you. It is very important to keep up with the firmware updates to enjoy the full functionality of your system!
February Promo
Save $2150 on the Hybrid iMRS Prime with Far infrared heat.
This is by far the number one choice of clients worldwide and at $5687 offers a great savings.
The Omnium 1 promotional price for February is $4133 which gives you the Complete Set and a free OmniBrain.
Click below for more information:
Try Before You Buy
We have iMRS Professional systems available to rent for 30 day trial periods. Since Swiss Bionics no longer offers a rental program, please let your friends and family know that Healthy Spaces offers this in the greater Portland area. Learn more about our rental program.
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We invite you to interact with our community of owners by joining us on Facebook at
MRS Community Portland. This is a private group so you must click "request to join" (you don't have to be in the Portland area). Ask questions, offer comments and continue to boost your knowledge of why daily PEMF is so important for optimum health. Hermina Danneil of pemfassistance.com is in that group as well as several healthcare practitioners. While you're checking out facebook, please click to "like" Healthy Spaces. As always, you can email diane@healthyspacesnorthwest,or call us at 503-310-6128 if you have any questions or concerns about your iMRS, iMRS Prime or Omnium systems. It is our goal to empower people to be well at home, a concept never more timely than now.

Healthy Spaces can help you continue to build your wellness home. You can check out our website for the best in infrared saunas (sauna price increase 2/15), whole body vibration, air and water filtration and of course, PEMF for your home use, wellness practice or travel. Schedule a Zoom call with us and we will demo any of the equipment for you. We would love to show you the new iMRS Prime and are also happy to meet you at our studio in Tigard for an in-person demo.

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