Concerned About Your Own Sexual Behaviors as a Child
As we learn more about sexual abuse and how to prevent it, it is natural that as an adult, you
may reflect on your own sexual behaviors as a child. You may recognize warning signs in your behaviors when you were a child, and it can be difficult to realize that you may have crossed a line, perhaps sexually harming another child. The reasons why a child may behave in a sexually harmful way can be complex, and there are many misconceptions that can lead to feelings of shame and guilt. Understanding more about children's harmful sexual behaviors may help you to understand your own sexual behaviors as a child. Healing is possible!
"Dear Stop It Now! Helpline...
Am I an abuser because of my sexual behaviors as a kid?"
This webinar addresses concerns from our Helpline from adults who felt concerned about their own sexual behaviors as a child.

Through discussion on
children’s healthy and
problematic sexual behaviors,
this webinar explores what adults seeking to be accountable for earlier behaviors as a child need and can do.

Why a child may sexually harm another child
The reasons why a child may cross a sexual boundary are very different from the reasons why an adult may sexually harm a child.

When sexual harm happens between children, these behaviors should be met with understanding, compassion, redirection, and education.

"I harmed a child when I was kid, how do I heal?"
It is possible to understand, take accountability, and learn from past sexual behaviors – even those behaviors as a child.

Our helpline gives hope to many adults who are feeling concerned about their behaviors as a child and looking for ways to move forward.

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