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Compass Of the Heart

Bespoke Perfume Making Yoga Retreat

Discovering and blending unique and sensational perfumes from essential oils is my passion!

As a cosmetologist, I began delving into the world of scent with my my signature skin care line, Monsoon Nectar, with an emphasis on aromatherapy and organic formulations. In 2018, I began to expand into natural perfumery and just before launching, the pandemic put everything on hold.

Now my passion is reignited!

Over the years I have gathered various scents and world travels has expanded my perfumer's organ from the familiar to the exotic and everything in between; think woodsy pines, citrusy fresh and tropical to intoxicatingly sensual, oriental, amber, and animalistic. I use a wide range of natural materials to create truly unique and bewitching perfumes.

Create Your Compass Of The Heart Perfume. True North is your heart’s deepest desire, a direct course to following your truth. Work with the Law Of Attraction with the mindset of positivity and scent. Moving out of the head into the heart, we start to recognize our connection to all things and intuitively open up to start operating from our true selves which is LOVE. This is the space where magic and miracles occur, as like attracts like.

Create your own Heart Compass signature scent to remind you, guide you in all that you do, following your own truth and deepest wishes. 

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