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Monarch Automation is a high technology distributor serving the factory and process automation industries.

DSNU-S Compact Dimension Cylinders
Ideal for small spaces!
The round cylinder DSNU is always a solid choice when it comes to performance and compact dimensions. Its universal variants make it ideal in applications where low friction, chemical resistance or corrosion resistance are required

When space is tight:
The DSNU-S counterpart to the standards-based cylinder, is an even slimmer and shorter variant for even greater space savings. The space-optimized DSNU-S is up to 3.5 cm shorter, up to 40% slimmer, and available with a maximum stroke of 200mm.
As a Festo Core product, the DSNU-S covers 80% of your automation tasks and is generally ready for shipping in 24 hours.

Compact Cylinder ADN-S
Greater performance - quickly available
Smaller systems yet greater performance. This balancing act is not a problem with the compact cylinders ADN-S. They are extremely small and light and deliver excellent performance with small movements. All thanks to the one-piece, compact housing.

  • Minimal fitting space
  • Extra light
  • Ideal for small movements
  • Piston rod with internal or external thread
  • Magnetic piston for position sensing

A Festo Core Product
Vision & Handling Sets - 3D-R
Ready-to-connect gripping system with 3D camera
The Vision & Handling Set 3D-R is a combination of a vacuum gripping system specially optimized for bin picking with a 3D camera system, the appropriate software and suitable connection equipment for the robot.

The ready-to-connect components can be quickly and easily mounted on the robot. Thanks to the collision check, there is no collision between gripper and box. The complete solution is used in bin picking and picking applications.

A 3D sensor provides workpiece position in real time for detection of flat and rectangular surfaces (BoxPick) or of complex and varying surfaces (ItemPick). 

MayTube Pipe and Joint System
Quickly designed and assembled
Fully customizable, the system can be quickly designed and assembled. For handling and storage equipment it offers a simple, space saving solution.
Monarch stocks black, blue and stainless steel products, plus a full range of connector joints.

They are cut to length and connected using a selection of steel interlocking joints and accessories. The system is versatile and economical, all pipes and joints are reusable so constructions can easily be reconfigured or products recycled. 
The pipe and joint system provides individual solutions for:
  • Dynamic flow racks
  • Assembly lines
  • Cell feed systems
  • FIFO picking systems

  • Shelving and racking
  • Carts, trucks and trolleys
  • Assembly and packing benches
  • Kitting systems for parts
7F Filter Fans for Electric Control Panels
Efficient and economical cooling solutions
Keeping cool with Finder 7F filter fans in your control panel will help all your control panel components work at peak operating levels and minimize component failures.
Available in 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10” sizes, 7F fans offer more options including; two colors, 17 thru 262 CFM and UL Type 12.
  • Very low acoustic noise
  • Minimal depth within enclosure
  • Reversible air flow
  • Quick replaceable fliters
  • Operating voltage: 24 VDC, 120 V AC, 230 V AC

Eaton SL Signal Towers
Machine monitoring amplified
With their bright LED technology, the SL7 and SL4 signal towers increase awareness of machine states as well as boosting perceptibility, especially in adverse light conditions. They can also be integrated with Eaton's SmartWire-DT lean solution for optimal performance.
With their customizable configurations, these modular and robust stacklights provide reliable audible and visual signaling. With the ability to display up to five processes at once, Eaton stacklights allow for safe, convenient control.
  • 9 mounting options
  • 360° visibility and audible signaling
  • 70 mm and new slim 40 mm versions available
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in 24 Vac/Vdc, 120 Vac and 240 Vac
  • CE marked and cULusT listed

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