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Advocacy Meetings! Over the last couple weeks I've met with ATHA, the WABA/Prince George's Co. Advocacy Group, the Glenn Dale Citizens Association, and co-presented with the East Coast Greenway at the GHI Bike Committee. I've also pitched the idea on the PGPlanning Budget Call, and the MDOT/SHA Road Show Call with the Prince George's County Council.

Community Walk with SHA Nov 9, 2pm. Please join Delegate Nicole Williams and staff from the State Highway Administration for a walk from Eleanor Roosevelt High School to NASA along the proposed right of way for the trail. 

DATE: Wednesday November 9

TIME: 2pm

MEETUP: Eleanor Roosevelt HS, East Parking Lot


Greenbelt News Review "An ERHS to Goddard Bike Trail?" (PDF, Page 13)

Project Update #1 (Sept 2, 2022)

Greenbelt Online " A Bike Trail from Eleanor Roosevelt HS to NASA?"

Project Update #2 (Sept 11, 2022)

City of Greenbelt letter requesting shared use path on Route 193 Greenbelt_Road_facility_DRAFT.pdf 

Talking Points. My main pitch points to SHA are 1.) SHA has done temporary bike/ped trails on 193 in Montgomery County, so it can be done (although we would need jersey walls instead flexposts on this one!) 2.) The Greenbelt East trail wouldn't diet car lanes, so pushback should be minimal from drivers. 3.) It's a huge potential connection betweenMaryland's soon-to-be expanded WB&A+ trail systemand DC/Prince George's Anacostia River Trail System (ARTS), so this is an important regional transportation project, not just a local safety project, and 4.) the only big engineering seems like squaring off pork chop and slip lane structures -- trail advocates are fine with a narrow pathway around the utility poles near ERHS -- don't make the perfect the enemy of the good!

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