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November 2022

End of Year Newsletter

A note from the Author: Keni Simone

Hi, my name is Keni! I'm a 8th grader at Peter J Palombi.

I enjoy writing spontaneously (usually when I have ideas). I love trying out different writing styles and genres, and I like creative writing in general. "Her foundation" was inspired by me reading a book from a library and finding makeup foundation on the pages. It reminded me of sweet memories of my mom smudging her marks on my papers.

Season of Gratitude

Thank You, Summer

If you have been involved in the A Sacred Passing (ASP) Community, then you know Summer. Summer has spent the last two years tending ... well, tending to ASP in so many intentional ways. For this, we are going to focus on Summer's role as our administrative WONDER.

It was over a coffee that Summer first flexed superb otherworldly note-taking skills. Summer's notes create a web of information to cradle our students as they explore the topics we discuss in classes. These notes are a beautiful thing to be a part of, living and growing like the communities Summer intentionally works to co-create with humans around.

Summer has been lightning quick with resources, with a next-level amount patience for a Scorpio, helping to organize drives, thoughts, and dreams. This whole year Summer has not only been our admin, but also had a full-time job as a children's minister, and is welcoming a season of rest. Summer will remain on crew -- teaching, facilitating and caring -- and will be passing on administrative roles to Satchél, who you will learn more about in a proper welcome article this January.

Thank you, Summer, for all the ways you loved on ASP, visibly and not, paid and unpaid, in love and frustration, in growth and in change, and for the ways we get to continue to grow together. We would not be the ASP we are today with out your love and care. Every one of us who has shared a learning space with you is fortunate to continue. grow, and nurture those bonds.

-- Lashanna and the whole crew

PS. Grief y'all!!!! Just an exhale for collective grief and wonder ...

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A Visual Review of ASPs 2022 Achievements

2022 Our Year of Growing Through Beautiful Shifts

Watch the video, read the text, or both to learn about what we did in 2022


  • 108 students
  • 5 classes
  • 2 workshops
  • 18 scholarships
  • 1 MSW intern
  • 8-week death-care course
  • Medical Aid in Dying curriculum
  • Death Professional Development course
  • Abortion Care Curriculum
  • Culture of Carework workshop

Professional Development Trainings

  • Bastyr University
  • End of Life Washington
  • Recompose

A Place to Die

  • 12 people and their families were supported by volunteers

Listening Line

  • 28 hours of listening for 123 callers

Care Groups

  • 72 hours of community care & support groups


  • 3120 volunteer hours given


  • New admin
  • Accountant
  • Fundraising Magician
  • 6 new facilitators
  • 2 new board members
  • 6 fiscal sponsorships


  • Blooming with Grief
  • Death Cafes
  • Shrouding & Bodywashing Workshop


  • We received our first ever recurring grant for $21,000 for the next three years from Share the Fund

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Spoiler: Enjoy a peek below!

Real Rent Duwamish Benefit

With the consent of the Duwamish Tribe,

Jason Kirk (aka Brasswax) is pleased to announce the sale of five haiku pyrography pieces to benefit Real Rent Duwamish.

Each piece features an original haiku,

measures 14" x 8.5" x 0.375", and is hand-burned into plywood and finished with linseed

oil and a hanging mount on the back.

Price per piece is $360 (including shipping),

and all proceeds will be donated to Real Rent Duwamish, which goes directly to Duwamish Tribal Services to support the revival

of Duwamish culture and the vitality

of the Duwamish Tribe.

Contact if interested. First come, first served.

Learn more:

ASP Fiscal Sponsor Spotlight

Yes, Ma! Night Market

This will be our 4th installment of Yes, Ma! Night Markets, a BIPOC-led and -focused community market. The three of us came together to create a marketplace to support each other and our shared community. Until now we have hosted them all inside The Station Coffee Shop. Thanks to an Artists Grant via the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and our Fiscal Sponsor (our friends at ASP), we are able to expand, curating a much larger event inside the Centilia Cultural Center, where we will not only be able to house a bigger crowd but gift our vendors with stipends for the holidays (instead of charging a vending fee). 

We look forward to sharing space and building on the Yes, Ma! Project as long as the community will have us! 

December 4, 2022 5-10pm 

All Ages, All Welcome

Centilia Cultural Center Beacon Hill

Masks STRONGLY encouraged 

Leona Moore Rodriguez (co-owner of The Station Coffee Shop), Joanne Cha (owner of The Power Plant Seattle), and Kryse Panis Martin (owner of KRYSE Ice Cream) are local small business owners and mothers (two of them single mothers) who understand the challenges and intricacies of work-life balance, rising to the occasion, and pivoting gracefully as life asks us to, and the importance of creating safe space for community to grow. 

Check out A Sacred Passing's 2023 Offerings

Links included below

  • Une Bonne Mort (Summer)

  • 8-week Death Care Education Course (Spring & Fall)

  • Sci-Fi Fantasy Ball Fundraiser (Fall)

  • Blooming with Grief Gathering (Spring)

  • Suicide Suppers

ASP Fiscal Sponsor Spotlight

Black Brilliance Research Project

Black Brilliance Research (BBR) is a Black queer-led community research collaborative dedicated to changing the material conditions of the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. Our goal is to explore and amplify community leadership and expertise. We provide tailored strategy and analysis for community partners and governments. 

Want to support us?

Donate! (especially in a monthly capacity) Help us raise $50K so that we can help launch community-led processes and pay artists to do that work.

Volunteer! Help us get the word out about community initiatives and/or help us build and maintain free internet, build or support resource distribution, or support community-generated awesomeness.

  • We're focused on building community's capacity to decide where funding and resources should go (e.g. participatory budgeting, solidarity budget)

  • We're building infrastructure as an organization to be able to hold this work, and unrestricted funding can help us grow best

  • We're planning to host and amplify community events and voices in making decisions about public budgets
Donate to BBR

Lifewerq Project

Lifewerq Project creates QTBIPOC networks of care across birth, trans, and reproductive liberation and justice that centers Indigenous and intuitive knowledge. We provide no-cost full-spectrum birthwork trainings and webinars by and for trans and gender non-conforming (GNC) Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), building care skills in support of the journeys of birthing people, and expand an understanding of birthing experiences within embodiments of gender. We dream of extending our reach intergenerationally by incorporating elders and youth into our programming, as well as creating pathways for TGNC BIPOC to explore care skills around deathwork.

In April of 2021, our fierce, loyal, and passionate Director, Lucia Leandro Gimeno (LL) joined our Trancestors. He held a clear vision of increasing access to reproductive health care and education, while building relationships with individuals and organizations that are invested in creating more space for TGNC leadership and knowledge within the reproductive justice movement. As the carriers of LL’s legacy, we are committed to cultivating this vision by forging spaces for people to meet and vitally exchange knowledge, assembling the skills and momentum necessary for collective care. 

Check out our fundraiser — share and donate — so we can throw a big memorial party honoring LL in spring of 2023!

Order a candle here

Donate to Lifewerq Project here

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A Sacred Passing was awarded a three-year grant in the amount of $21,000 to continue our work in community. This grant will help us provide low and no-cost educational programs around the Sound and with the communities we care in.

The Share Fund was established in 2021 by Seattle couple Bill and Holly Marklyn as part of their commitment to redistributing their wealth back into society in a socially just manner. In order to step out of traditional power structures of donor control, the Marklyns have chosen to cede all grant-making decisions to a Funding Committee composed of BIPOC community members with expertise in racial and gender justice. The Fund’s first grants were awarded in late 2021.

Share Fund grants may be made to 501c3 and 501c4 nonprofits, political leaders, community groups, and individuals, as determined by the Funding Committee. Members of the Funding Committee are chosen for their experience working for racial and gender justice, their commitment to teamwork, and their willingness to learn and grow on this journey of re-imagining philanthropy. 

Learn about past grant recipients. We are humbled to be welcomed into another wonderful community.

A Sacred Passing's

Listening Line is open again!

Share this resource with community members, and if you are interested in volunteering for the line, contact us:

A new offering from A Sacred Passing

Suicide Suppers

A held space and curated meal for those wanting to die and actively making the choice not to.

Learn more about Suicide Suppers
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ASP Fiscal Sponsor Spotlight

Youth Healing Project Video Family Dinners

Youth Healing Project: Family Dinners

Family Dinners is an 8-week youth-led program focused on youth developing life skills through cooking. We will learn through collaboration and in safe, family-oriented settings.

The meals we cook will be shared and followed by table-talk discussions about life, mental health, and well-being for BIPOC middle school and high school boys (14-17 years old) living in low-income public housing. Other program topics include financial literacy, as well as college and career readiness.

Support Youth Healing Project

Any loss, trauma, or severe deprivation can create grief that resides in the body. The longer grief stays in the body, the more harm it can do. Tending grief is important fundamental work that helps us to thrive through unending losses of life and gives us greater access to the full spectra of pleasure and joy possible.

I am passionate about working with grief and supporting others to work with grief. My grief work allows me to follow in the footsteps of teachers and medicine people I greatly respect Sobonfu Somé and gina Breedlove, who have both taught me so much about the dangers and the miraculous possibilities of both ignoring and tending to grief. I believe the most effective way to work with grief is through consistent practice.

Ekua Adisa

medicine person, writer, liberationist

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