Dear Painted Tree Residents,

As you are probably aware, the USPS has been unable to deliver mail to several sections of our community due to a supply chain issue with the locks used to secure the mailbox units. As a result, affected homeowners must pick up their mail at the McKinney post office. This is a statewide issue and is not isolated to the Painted Tree Community.

Part of Village South to Begin Receiving Mail This Weekend

There are two mailbox units (CBUs) in the Village South section of Painted Tree. They are located at 2613 Wyler Drive and 2805 Wyler Drive.

We have been notified by the McKinney Post Office that arrow locks for the
mailbox unit at 2613 Wyler Drive in the Village South section of Painted Tree have been installed. They will be applying address labels this week and mail delivery should begin by this Saturday, March 2 for those on the following streets:

Painted Trail
Lenten Rose Lane
Hoyle Street
2605 - 2705 Wyler Drive (only these addresses)

They have not received locks for the 2805 Wyler Drive unit and do not know when they will be received. The streets for this mailbox unit are listed below. These homeowners will have to continue to pick up their mail at the McKinney Post Office until the locks are received and installed.

2709 - 2817 Wyler Drive
Marilanda Road
Eddington Drive

Meanwhile, we will continue to provide regular updates until the situation is fully resolved.

The Village North section of the community had locks installed and began receiving mail delivery the week of February 9.

We share your concerns and frustrations with lack of mail delivery. The USPS continues to inform us of the supply chain issues and that it is out of their control. Know this is of utmost priority and we will continue to raise this issue with the postmaster on a regular basis.

USPS Informed Delivery Service

The USPS offers a service called Informed Delivery. If you sign up for this service you will receive a daily email from the USPS previewing your mail and packages expect to arrive soon. Also included are images of your incoming letter-sized mail (address side only). Click the button below to sign up for the service.

Thank you for your patience with this situation. If you have additional questions, please email paintedtreetx@ccmcnet.com.

The CCMC Team

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Pam Shields
Community Engagement Officer

LaWanda Brannon, CMCA, AMS
Interim Community Manager
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