March 22, 2021
Red Cross Month

Throughout the month of March, the American Red Cross honors those who make their lifesaving mission possible, individuals across the country who turn compassion into action, helping others in times of crisis. 

Resiliency Resources

Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care has put together a library of 90 second videos to assist with the building and maintenance of your resiliency.

Has the Pandemic Finally Convinced Doctors to Take the Link Between Physical and Mental Health Seriously?

With so many COVID-19 survivors coping with anxiety, depression, and other cognitive or emotional issues, health-care professionals are beginning to see the benefits of treating the mind in tandem with the body.

Upcoming Events
Senior Wellness Connection

March 22, 10am ET
Celebrating Women Leaders at the
Women's Health Institute

March 23, 6pm ET

The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Women's Health Institute invites you to join an outstanding panel celebrating women leaders at WHI.
Girl Talk: Women of Color Talk COVID-19 Vaccinations and Communities of Color

March 23, 6:30pm ET

The Office of Student Affairs invites you to join the S.T.E.A.M Conference. Leaders will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted Black and Brown communities and the reasons why they aren’t rushing to get the vaccine.
Combating Loneliness

March 24, 10am ET

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton invites you to join Sheli Monacchio to discuss strategies for coping with feelings of isolation.
Black Lives Matter: Continuing the Conversation

March 25, 12pm ET

Join Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School for a conversation discussing the book White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo. The book explores the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged and how these reactions maintain racial inequality.
Coverage 2 Care: Health Insurance Literacy

March 25, 12pm ET

The East Brunswick Public Library invites you join this health insurance literacy presentation. It is useful in helping consumers understand what health insurance is, how to choose coverage, and why it is important to choose coverage. 
Coping with Change

March 26, 3pm ET

The RWJBarnabas Health Institute for Prevention and Recovery invites to this event which aims to assist those impacted by the pandemic to better adjust to their new reality, mitigate stress, develop coping strategies, and find resources in their community.
Funding Opportunities
Role of Health Policy and Insurance in Improving Cancer Prevention and Outcomes

The American Cancer Society is offering this opportunity for research that evaluates the impact of the many changes now occurring in the healthcare system with a particular focus on cancer prevention, control, and treatment. Research to be funded by this RFA should focus on the changes in national, state, and/or local policy and the response to these changes by healthcare systems, insurers, payers, communities, practices, and patients.
The application deadline is May 10th. Learn more here.
Community Resources
Watch the video recording from the recent briefing hosted by the National Academy of Medicine and Health Affairs, which featured special remarks and an expert panel discussion on the key health policy recommendations across Vital Directions for Health and Health Care: Priorities for 2021

Alex Guerrero, a philosophy professor at Rutgers-New Brunswick, looks at how the last year living during a pandemic may permanently reshape our lives.
Read the full story here.

Learn more about New Jersey's state-based health insurance exchange, GetCoveredNJ.

Social and Structural Factors, Not Biology, Are Strong Influencers of Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Mortality. Read the full story here.

Beyond ventilators: Princeton engineers design, build and program a noninvasive breathing system for COVID-19 patients. Read the full story here.

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub: The State of New Jersey has put together a list of resources about the COVID-19 virus including testing sites, signs and symptoms and FAQs about social services. 

You can find community-based and local COVID-19 testing site locations and hours here.

Middlesex County residents can register for a free COVID-19 test at sites throughout the county. Appointments required. The sites provide saliva-based test kits developed at Rutgers University.

Visit New Jersey’s COVID-19 Vaccine Registration site to pre-register for the vaccine. New Jersey's Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment Call Center can be reached at 855-568-0545.
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