March Newsletter
Non-Profit Community Impact Program
Support During COVID
Many children with special needs were forced to receive their education through zoom when COVID hit. We knew, that left, those who needed direct support, to fall through the cracks, especially when many parents still had to work. We opened up a school-age classroom for just those children. Dakota is one of the children whose mom reached out to us, desperately seeking help. Dakota has autism and PTSD and struggles with impulse control, attention deficient, and social emotional delays.

Cassie Karriker, Early Intervention Director said, "Seeing children with special needs continue to accomplish their goals, despite the challenges of COVID is so heartwarming. We are so glad we had the specialized staff to help support these vulnerable children".
Since March of 2020, school hasn’t been open, so we have provided all day school age care for Dakota and other special needs kids so that they don’t lose the progress they have made due to the schools being closed. Children with special needs are at a higher risk of falling behind on their goals, because of the specialized instruction they so desperately need. Dakota who has autism, is one of the 10 children we enrolled in our school-aged program during COVID. 
How To:
"Zooming with 3 year olds"
by Jammie Whale, PIL Teacher

 Let’s face it! Being in quarantine is hard on everyone. Now, imagine your child’s teacher wants to have zoom sessions with your child. If your child is older, this is a doable request. If you have a three-year-old, you are probably thinking “this teacher is nuts”.
Did You Know?
March 3rd is the global, Spread the Word to End the R Word, event aimed at bringing awareness to hurtful language directed towards individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is our hope that all people feel included in every aspect of life. That everyone is valued and respected.

Join us and make the pledge to be more inclusive.
In The News
"Tyson and Cookie, the latest additions to the faculty at Partners In Learning’s Catawba site, have a few lessons to teach the kids: responsibility, kindness, emotional regulation, and self-esteem among them." ~ Carl Blankenship
*provided by a grant from Smart Start Rowan*
Teachers of the Month
We are so proud of our, teacher elected, Teachers of the Month.

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