Community Connections

July 2024

1st Edition

BCOC staff are a force of nature! Growing, learning, participating, advocating, and showing up to help ensure that Bucks County is a place we all are proud to call home!

On Capitol Hill, in Harrisburg, all around Bucks County...BCOC staff are striving to do more!

Staff Spotlight

Angela Nutter

Food Program Coordinator

Angela runs the Fresh Connect Markets for BCOC. She has infused the markets with amazing energy, compassion, and positivity. Not only does Angela work tirelessly for BCOC, but she is also an ultra-involved community member, lending her talents to a number of excellent causes. She is a driving force behind the Juneteenth at the Mercer annual event, actively engaged as a member of the African Diaspora Collective of Bucks County, as well as other notable organizations. BCOC is lucky to have her as part of our team.

"I grew up here in Doylestown and have always looked for ways to engage people and create community. Through what I've learned from my lived and work experiences, I've always felt compelled to create public events that promote representation, and also highlight and celebrate all the unique people and cultures that make Bucks County so special. Through these types of events, we can build connections and better understanding of one another. "

Chris Kroszner

Senior Home Energy Auditor

Chris is part of the Weatherization Services team and has been working as an energy auditor with BCOC for over 20 years. He has also worked as the weatherization program manager & trainer for other auditors over the years. 

"As energy auditors, we inspect entire homes looking for anything that may be causing uncomfortable areas of the home and where there are energy losses. We also look for any health and safety issues that may affect the people in the home. There are several tests we perform to determine the level of energy loss in the home as well as for carbon monoxide, gas leaks, etc. We give contractors a list of work to be done in the home and then monitor and inspect their work. 

It is most satisfying as an energy auditor to make improvements to homes and know that the homeowners will be more comfortable, safer, and the fuel and electric bills will be less. A side benefit of the program is being able to pass on information to the homeowner about their home and how to make it work better for them, whether it is heater maintenance, thermostat use, or just habits that will save energy year-round."

Foundations Community Partnership

awards BCOC a grant

Foundations Community Partnership (FCP) and BCOC have a long history of collaboration. This June, we were honored to be chosen as a grant recipient to support our summer food assistance program for families in need. FCP is an incredibly valuable resource for non-profits striving to make a difference in our area.

Thank you for helping us serve the community!

Speaking of FCP... meet our intern Samantha!

Samantha is one of the students participating in the Summer Youth Corps Program (SYC) through FCP. She is a sophomore at Chapman University in California, majoring in film and television production. She is a fabulous asset for BCOC!

The interns took a field trip to the HELP Center in Bristol to learn about BCOC and its programs. They participated in an abbreviated Poverty Simulation, experiencing some of the budgeting and barriers low-income families face. The group was challenged to develop recipes incorporating food supplies found in the Senior Food Boxes, which are provided to seniors experiencing food insecurity in Bucks County. These young people are determined to make a difference!

Interns use both academic and social skills to address human needs and solve problems in the real world. They are “matched” with select non-profit human service organizations for a 10-week, paid internship with the opportunity to earn college credits. Their involvement with Bucks County non-profits benefits the agencies as well as their clients.

Thank you, William Penn Bank!

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