"Everything that we experience is a communication. In fact, so is the world too a communication-the revelation of spirit. The time is gone when the spirit of God was comprehensible to us. The meaning of the world has been lost to us. We have seen only its letters. We have lost that which is appearing behind the appearance."
Novalis, Schriften

Communication with the Divine

The Gospel of Sophia:
Sophia Christos Initiation

The spiritual language of human beings
Once you have constructed your Temple of Wisdom with sturdy pillars of virtue holding its starry dome in space, it will be only natural that you will want to invite the hierarchy into your spiritual abode.
   This is your wedding day. Here, you join your higher self and discover the amazing being that you have always been.
   The spiritual hierarchies have spoken to you through the eons in their language of spirit. Your physical and etheric bodies are reflections of the language they spoke to you from the beginning: the Word.
  Now that you are awakening from your spiritual slumber and becoming conscious of your divine nature, you begin to see, feel, and hear non-physical beings all around you. Your deepest desire is to communicate and reconnect with them. But their language is not an earthly one, so you must find a language befitting an angel or an archangel.
   Your language, like your Temple of Wisdom, will be uniquely yours. You will choose a language that resonates with you and your traditions. It will reflect your individual cosmology, whether it comes from the religious traditions of your family,  The Gospel of Sophia , the Tarot, or in one of the spiritual languages suggested in this chapter. There is no guru or master at this point who can guide you over the threshold. This is your journey, prepared for you by Sophia, to enter the etheric realm to meet Christ.

   Once you accept this as your language of communication with the divine, you will become more proficient in using it, especially with practice. Only one language of the spirit is needed, and choosing several languages will not necessarily reap greater rewards.
Spiritual languages
There are many spiritual languages, and no particular one is exclusively correct. The openness of the initiate is the key to success. As it is commonly known to seekers of higher knowledge: There are many paths to the mountaintop. Once at the summit, the initiate must learn to fly with her newfound wings of spiritual language.
   Spiritual languages  can take many forms, indicated by words, symbols, numbers, forms, and functions. Both the ten (10) and twenty-two (22) letters of the human spiritual language describe the active working of living spiritual beings of the hierarchy.
   We have found our place among the hierarchy with our descent and ascension. The forces of cosmic space have spoken a language of the spirit to create us. Now, we are learning a new language to converse with the spirit. This language flows into us from all directions and builds our world. Learning to listen and translate this language is the current challenge of spiritual evolution.
   The Mysteries of Twelve are found in the active formative forces of space raying into the human form. These mysteries are accessed through one of many spiritual tools that reveal the true nature of the human being's spiritual constitution as a language. When the language is translated and taken deeply into the soul, a spiritual dialogue is possible with higher beings and the elemental forces of nature.
   This is the speech of nature or the "language of the birds" referred to in legend and fairytale. This language is derived by taming the dragon, the combined animal forces of the zodiac. Psyche and Heracles were good examples of solar initiates who conquered the twelve signs of the zodiac and brought their astral body of desires under the control of their spiritual nature. They went through trials and learned new languages to overcome the challenges placed before them. This is the perennial story of every budding aspirant who becomes an initiate.
   Offered below and expanded in the appendix are several approaches to languages of the cosmos for the initiate to consider. To the untrained and uninitiated, these spiritual tools may be illegible and meaningless, but they provide the initiated with amazing insight. Ultimately, the initiate will choose the language that resonates with her personal cosmology and works the best in the dialogue with the spirit.


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Spiritual Language of Novalis

Novalis was the pen name of Friedrich von Hardenberg (1772-1801), an original founder of the Romantic Movement, whose insight into all areas of human existence is well known. Gathering some of his thoughts together into a language of "descent and ascent" can lead our enlivened imagination from the divine into the mundane world and then, through refinement and tempering, regain the path back to the divine. No doctrine or religious dogma is used as scaffolding, just crystal clear thinking that is grounded in healthy perception of the world.

   In these twenty-two steps, Novalis is able to summarize the entire path of human development. No matter how many times you study his words, new insight and perspectives arise. Normal thinking is taken up into a rarified atmosphere where "thoughts are real" and are associated with hierarchical beings who wish to help us "rise up" to the place that we are longing to be-our spiritual home.
1. The whole of nature might well be feminine, virgin, and mother at the same time.
2. God is love. Love is the highest reality-the ground of everything. God wants Gods. Mankind is the collective organ of the Gods. Love is the ultimate purpose of world history-the sole center of the universe.
3. Every word is a word to conjure with. Whichever spirit calls-another such appears. The spirit leads to proof of an eternal self.
4. The world is a universal metaphor of the spirit, a symbolic picture of the same. We seek the plan for the world-this plan we are ourselves-What are we? Personified omnipotent points.
5. Mythology holds the history of the archetypal world, which contains past, present, and future. In former times, everything was a manifestation of spirits.
6. We must seek to become magicians so that we may become truly moral. The more moral, the more in harmony with God-the more divine, the more united with God.
7. In the bosom of the heavenly bride, Sophia, the birth of the Christ Spirit comes to pass within the human soul. Marriage is the greatest of all mysteries. True marriage is eternal.
8. In the fire which Paul beheld on the road to Damascus we should see the miraculous, spiritualized fire. In this fire, all that was great and noble in the past will be born in the future.
9. The key to life lies in intellectual contemplation. If our intelligence and our world harmonize, then we are like God. He who seeks God will find Him everywhere.
10. The true philosophical act is the slaying of the self; this is the real beginning of all philosophy. The resolve to philosophize is a summons to the true ego that it shall awaken to self-awareness and be a spirit.
11. In the truest sense, doing philosophy is a caress. It bears witness to the deepest love of reflection, to absolute delight in wisdom. The greatest good endures in the imagination.
12. Man has been able at every moment to be a supersensible being. Woman is the symbol of beauty and goodness; man, of truth and law. What is man? A perfect metaphor for the spirit.
13. The individual soul must be brought into harmony with the soul of the universe. We are united by closer bonds with the unseen, that with the seen.
14, Every reflecting man will seek out truth, and find it whatever he does, wherever he goes.
15. The highest task of culture is self-mastery of the inner life, so that it may indeed be the true I, ego. Without complete self-knowledge, one can never understand others.
16. All inwardly concentrated thought is, at the same time, an ascension, a view of the true outward.
17. Absolute love, independent of the heart, founded on faith, is religion. Love is the goal of the world's history-the Amen of the universe.
18. Inward leads the mysterious way. Within us, or nowhere, lies eternity with its worlds, the past and the future. When spirit dies, it becomes man. When man dies, he becomes spirit.
19. Ordinary life is a priestly service, almost like that of the vestals. We are busied with nothing but the maintenance of a sacred and mysterious flame.
20. The heart is the key to the world and to life. The heart is the central organ to perceive our unique nature, to stir the sacred sense of intuition.
21. Just have patience, it will, it must come, this holy time of eternal peace, when the New Jerusalem will be the capital of the world.
22. Conscience takes the place of God on Earth, and is hence, to that extent, the highest and last.

Sophia Christos Initiation speaks through the mental and moral training provided in Volumes 1 and 2 as a modern path of self initiation is taught to the reader. The Seven Pillars of Virtue and the Language of the Spirit manifesting in the twelve cosmic directions is at the heart of this new Temple of PanSophia. Each step of the initiation produces results upon the aspirant and required steps in moral development to proceed.  

As the aspirant advances into an initiate the cosmological world view in the soul expands to encompass the surrounding cosmos in a conscious way that interacts directly with Sophia (Wisdom) and Christos (Love). This experience changes the reader who becomes the aspirant knocking at the door of the spiritual world, asking to come in.

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