ComfortCare Women's Health • Spring 2024 Newsletter
The state of abortion. 

The landscape of abortion is continually changing. Thus, the landscape of offering valuable pregnancy help is also continually changing. Since 2020, more than half of the abortions that take place in the United States are chemical abortions. Prompted by fear, women (and men) are now stockpiling abortion pills out of fear of losing access to this “healthcare benefit.” I am confident you are as distraught as I am that abortion pills are considered a healthcare benefit.
In the name of deception, certain organizations are now encouraging women to take “period pills” – as they claim this is a way to get your late period to start. As an additional benefit, if you have an “unwanted, early pregnancy,” the medication would terminate it.

In this newsletter, we want to offer you valuable insights into the words women and men of today are hearing about abortion. But we also want to offer you something more. A challenge.

Will we choose to let these be the only words she hears? As you review the content within this letter and come to understand the current landscape, we hope you join us as we turn towards our place in this battle. The very call upon us to defend what God has created – that which is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” 
AidAccess claims their daily requests for abortion pills increased tenfold in states where an abortion ban was inevitable, following the ruling of Roe v. Wade.* (Ungar, 2024) The trend continues today, with recent claims that women are stockpiling pills in case access to chemical abortions is denied in the future.

Who is stockpiling these pills? 
The 30 year old woman without children, likely pursuing a career in an urban environment (Ungar, 2024)*; abusive men desiring to end a partner’s pregnancy (Wharton, 2024)*; or within sex trafficking operations.  
The FDA recommends taking abortion pills in a pregnancy up to 10 weeks,
not 13.*

What are “period pills” really? The two medications used in chemical abortion. In our research, it was amazing how difficult it was to find the actual names of the medication that this organization was referring to as “period pills.” 
How do you combat deception? With truth.

By telling the real story. During patient visits, there is pain and conflict in making an abortion decision. Regret – questioning if challenges they have in their body now are a result of an abortion decision in her past. Conflicting emotions – women that are careful to choose natural forms of care and treatments in their desire for natural, holistic healthcare… and are now conflicted by making a decision to put chemicals in their bodies to have an abortion. Significance of a heartbeat – women often state they believe life happens when the heart starts beating… just to be surprised how early that happens and hearing her baby’s heartbeat during her ultrasound.

By operating with urgency and care in reaching women. Invest in quality advertising where women are seeking answers. CCWH spends at least $1500 per month to compete with online abortion providers for women in our communities. We do this work with our advertising partner, Legacy Media, who also helped to pay for this newsletter to reach you today!

Showing her she is loved Empower her with factual information and a safe place to process the decision she is making. Without judgment and without manipulation. 
At right, a sample of the gift we give each patient. These custom bracelets made for CCWH bear messages such as “you are loved” and “you are enough,” reminding her as she leaves our clinic that she is not alone.
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... Let us not love with words or speech
but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18
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ComfortCare Women’s Health believes that empowerment comes from educating women with the truth and giving them the opportunity to process and courageously confront all aspects of the decision they are about to make. Wrestling with the reasons, the barriers, the beliefs, the regrets prior to making a decision is what gives women an empowered choice. Forcing her to deal with it later, after a decision is made, is not a choice. It’s allowing her to be driven by her circumstances. 

While we pray that every woman is empowered to choose life, we trust the outcome to our loving God – the creator of each precious life. At ComfortCare, we respond in obedience as we engage her well, educate her with truth, and equip her with life-affirming resources…that she truly may be empowered in her journey.
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