ComfortCare Women's Health • Summer 2024 Newsletter
There is no shortage of conversation about abortion these days. A quick online search shows 16 news stories related to abortion posted within the last 24 hours and plenty of Twitter comments. Search for anything related to pregnancy help or pro-life and your results are quite different. No news stories. No Twitter comments. Plenty of resources, such as ComfortCare Women’s Health and the like. But the message is loud and clear: choosing life is not trendy or newsworthy in today’s society. 
What if that reality changed? What if we spent more time talking about life-giving decisions, dwelling on hope in the midst of darkness, seeking ways to encourage one another as we draw close, being an active part of the solution as opposed to giving further attention to the problem? What could we do in our communities if we stood together, in unity, and asked these questions of ourselves…and were willing to say yes.

ComfortCare is saying yes. I cannot influence what gets attention online. However, I can contribute to offering stories of hope, opportunities to encourage, opportunities to engage and be a part of this work with us. And by so doing, be a part of creating a culture for life in the communities that we serve.

Will you join us? Please enjoy this brief newsletter, but know it’s just the first step. As you read, see all the ways to join us and say yes!
Our heart is to encourage you in this day and in this battle – to offer you a place to dwell on something that is a reminder of the Lord’s hand at work and the continual invitations to participate. As you interact and share with each opportunity, you are helping ComfortCare reach others with the same life-giving hope… spurring one another on toward love and good deeds.
Check out these exciting new forms of engagement.
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Introducing Pictures of Hope and Wishful Wednesdays! These are two of the ways we anticipate keeping you engaged more closely with the daily ministry at ComfortCare Women’s Health. Take a look at the two samples below...
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What if stories of hope from ComfortCare included a story of life snatched back from the hands of death? What if the story of a woman that regretted her initial steps towards chemical abortion could come to ComfortCare for an abortion pill reversal? What if a story of encouragement included ministering to a woman that had just had an abortion? ComfortCare would tend to her medically, but also invite her on a path to healing.

What if ComfortCare had an outpouring of people that wanted to be on mission with us? What if uplifting stories of engagement were about the multitudes in Staunton, Augusta, Waynesboro, Lexington, and Rockbridge who ensured every woman has access to such services… whether through financial provision or service. What if?

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