The Cross Has Splinters...

There are a lot of crosses in Mississippi, especially along the side of the road. On country roads (which are the majority) the crosses typically come in threes, are wooden, and often painted white. Most of them are weathered and tilting. There are also crosses placed in memory of people who died in car accidents, many of them with flowers and stuffed animals stapled to them. These crosses are so ubiquitous and part of the landscape that they are largely unremarkable. Perhaps this is why someone took it upon themselves to put up a giant cross visible from miles away. The first time I saw one was in Illinois, on the way to Indiana. We crested a hill and in the distance was a cross that looked as big or bigger than the Washington Monument. As we got closer I saw that it looked like galvanized sheet metal; it was on a concrete pad, surrounded by American flags. At the time I thought it was a typical freeway attraction; kind of like the world’s largest rocking chair (also in Illinois).  

A few years later I saw one of those crosses placed on Interstate 55 in Mississippi; when we moved, there were no fewer than 9 giant crosses within a 100 mile radius from our home. Each cross costs upwards of 350k, and they are financed entirely by donations. This is 3.15 million dollars spent on symbols, in the poorest state in the union. I used to make the argument that these crosses were a good thing, as every time I saw one it reminded me of Jesus; but the wooden crosses on the side of the road remind of Jesus too. People donating money to these cross projects feel like they are doing a good thing, that they are helping to spread the word; the word would be better spread through actual deeds of charity, love and grace. But that’s all incredibly hard work; it’s much easier to write a check and be done.  

I bring all this up because the cross has lost much of its meaning. On the one hand, it is a symbol of the greatest love and sacrifice the world has ever known; a promise made to all people that they are loved, saved, and called by God. On the other hand, it is a symbol of oppression, violence and despair. It is not either good or bad; it is good and bad; a symbol of our utter failure as people to love as we are called, and God’s unending love and grace for us in spite of all that. We do well to remember that the cross has splinters. 

As we move from Palm Sunday into Holy Week, I encourage you to remember the price paid for our forgiveness, and to not take anything away from the cross. It is not galvanized steel, ceramic, or flowery; it is hard wood, and they were used over and over. The Romans didn’t get new cross beams or vertical poles each time a person was crucified; they used them again and again. They were soaked through with blood and sweat. God took one of the worst things the world has ever known and transformed it into the greatest; but let us hold those two things in tension, as we marvel at Christ’s love and sacrifice. The cross is both a comfort and an affliction, and we don’t get to Easter Morning without it.  

Rector, St. Francis Episcopal Church
Rev. Jason's Week in Review...
March 23: Jennifer and I took the kids to daycare; caught up on email; together with another parishioner took communion to someone who is homebound; wrote reflection for e-news.

March 24: Spent time unpacking books in my office and working to make it mine - it’s slow going; sermon prep.

March 25: Sabbath time; sermon prep.

March 26: Sunday services; we had a number of visitors at both services, and the choir once again sang a beautiful anthem before communion. It was great to have Celeste back! Dinner with parishioners.

March 27: Spent the majority of the day editing bulletins for Holy Week; several small admin tasks.

March 28: Zoom meeting about Doors Open Peninsula; Lenten Devotion prep; lunch with parishioner; more Holy Week and Easter Prep; gave a brief tour to a couple who passed the church on their bike ride and wanted to see it - they are from Utah, but unchurched, so I encouraged them to seek out Utah Episcopalians; Taizé service.

March 29: Lenten Devotion prep; more work on Holy Week and Easter bulletins; staff meeting; talked with an engaged couple interested in joining the church; Lenten Program.

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Holy Week And Easter Worship at St. Francis
Next week is Palm Sunday - the start of Holy Week!
Holy Week and Easter Day are the crucial foundation of our faith. All our Lenten practices have been leading to this week.

On Maundy Thursday we remember His great gift to us of His of last supper - our Holy Eucharist - and we leave in solemnity just as He left His friends to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. We grieve at the cross on Friday, with excerpts from Fauré's famous Requiem sung by our choir and interwoven with scripture and prayer at 7pm., and finally - we meet the Risen Lord in Glory and Joy on Easter morning!
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