Volume XIII February 2022
Family Enterprise Insights
The Global Family Enterprise Program is dedicated to expanding and disseminating knowledge about family enterprisethe heart of the world's economy and societyto our worldwide community. In this Family Enterprise Insights, you can learn from research on whether power leads to loneliness and hear a practitioner's advice on ways to reduce anxiety when living in a family that owns a business.

We’re delighted to share insightful research, wisdom, and advice from leading global scholars, family enterprise principals, and expert practitioners with our global community because we know it’s important to you and to society. 

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Is it lonely at the top? Eight studies by CBS Professor Adam Galinsky and colleagues question the assumption that leaders and others in positions of power are more lonely than those with less power.

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Growing up in a family that owns a business can be especially challenging. Anxiety can run high. What's the next gen to do? CBS alum Bob Kohli article provides some advice based on his experiences working with family-owned businesses.

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Family Voices
In the classroom, on Zoom, and in frequent events year-round, the Global Family Enterprise Program is always looking for family stories to share for pedagogy and community-building purposes.

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