Color your world with SelecTile ESD flooring 
Industrial vinyl tiles available in six colors

In the flooring world, aesthetics can often be sacrificed in favor of functionality. Particularly with ESD flooring. Not anymore. SelecTile ESD is now available in six colors:

  • Black (no minimum)
  • Grey (no minimum)
  • Blue (no minimum)
  • Red (2,000 sq.ft minimum)
  • Green (2,000 sq.ft minimum)
  • Brown (2,000 sq.ft minimum)

Now you can get high-quality industrial vinyl tiles without having to forgo working in an attractive space. All our new colors perform at the same level that you have come to expect from SelecTech’s flooring solutions.

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What people are saying about SelecTech products: Samuel Mcentire, Powell Industries, Inc.

"Quality. Powell Industries prides itself on offering the industries best products and when it comes to ESD flooring, there is no better product than SelecTech. Ease of installation is a significant benefit to our customers, low maintenance/cost of ownership is also a huge benefit. When I hear, "Looks like it might be time to do another coat of ESD wax" Or, "The ESD paint is starting to flake over there" I know that the solution to those problems is Selectech’s flooring. 

Samuel Mcentire, owner, Powell Industries
Electronics Manufacturing and Repair
These divisions of the electronics industry are the backbone of the ESD market. Often, manufacturing volumes are high and production is 24/7. Failures due to ESD events can be devastating. Having a reliable ESD Protected Area (EPA) is critical and often required by the end-users of the products being made.

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