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Journey to Inner Peace

Hello everyone, and thank you for making The Integral Way a part of your life. I have been assisting the Integral Way and CHI Health Institute for the last couple of years. 
This is my second year helping to organize the College Of Tao Retreat, and along with our team, we hope to bring you a satisfying and rewarding retreat experience.   
This year we meet in person at The Royal Way Retreat Center in Lucerne Valley, California. We will be in the high California desert, with comfortable accommodations, healthy food and enthusiastic teachers and participants. Our instructors have decades of experience teaching people of any experience level or ability, imaginable. along with assistants who also possess many years of experience so that all participants are assured to come away with a deeper understanding and an awareness of the arts that we are offering this year at the retreat.
We are building more reflection time into our schedule. Dr. Mao attended a retreat in Italy last year and had an epiphany that he was overdoing some aspects of his life, namely work. He attested to this, and even created a you-tube video, “Confessions of a Workaholic.” Without a doubt he is far from alone in this department and with this insight we have adjusted our retreat to give you plenty of quiet time along with enlightening instructional periods.
We hope that you as well will have an epiphany from the quietude of your true heart that assists you in transforming your life into a more joyous, balanced, and constructive journey. Being in the mountains will certainly enhance this possibility. You may even have a period of unusual energy that stays with you for some time after the retreat.
From the entire retreat committee; Sue Sullivan, Ed Sullivan, Amira Kusala and myself, we invite you to join us for a wonderful gathering of Regrowing, Revitalizing and Regenerating your spirit.
And for those of you who are already registered; please feel free to reach out to any of us before or during your entire stay.
With Gratitude
Curt Callison

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April 26/27-May 1, 2022

You are welcome to attend the

2022 College of Tao Retreat

Regrow, Revitalize, and Regenerate

"Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain"

38 Generations of Ancient Wisdom from the Integral Way and the Ni Family Tradition

There is still time to sign up for the

2022 College of Tao Retreat

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See Retreat Schedule

Meet your Speakers & Instructors:



L.AC., D.O.M., PH.D, DIPL. C.H., ABAAP ,Master Teacher,

College of Tao Co-Chancellor,

Co-Founder of Yo San University,

Ordained Minister

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, is the 38th generation of Chinese medicine doctors in his family. Well known and respected in the field of integrative and anti-aging medicine, he is the cofounder of Tao of Wellness and

Yo San University, both award winning centers for health and Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate education, respectively. Dr. Mao holds two doctorates as well as being board certified in anti-aging medicine. Ordained as the Head of the Integral Way Tradition in year 2000. He oversees the College of Tao and is active in teaching the Path of Constructive Life—the attainment of physical, mental, spiritual, moral and financial health in one’s life. 

Daoshing Ni.jpg


L.AC., D.O.M., PH.D, MB

College of Tao Co-Chancellor,

Ordained Minister, Master Teacher, Co-Founder of Yo San University

Dr. Dao is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California and is a Diplomate of Chinese Herbology NCCA. The deep history dating back 38 generations of medical practitioners in the Ni family and 74 generations of spiritual training from master to student guides his truly unique approach to his practice. Dr. Daoshing Ni trained intensively with his father, Master Hua-Ching Ni, and other achieved teachers in both the Taoist tradition as well as Chinese medicine. Continuing the legacy of his family tradition, he has embraced the teaching and practice in his everyday life.



Dean of InfiniChi Energy Healing Institute,

College of Tao Mentor Program Director.

College of Tao / CHI Health Institute. Certified senior instructor in Self-Healing Qigong, Eight Treasures Qigong, and Qi Meditation for Cancer Support and Prevention.



D.O.M., L.AC. Dean of

Advanced Taoist Practice Program (A.T.P.),

Retired from his TCM medical practice, he continues to teach various Ni family movement forms he is certified in through CHI Health Institute & the COT.



Director College of Tao, Dean Feng Shui Institute,

CHI Health Institute certified senior instructor in Self-Healing Qigong, Eight Treasures Qigong, Crane Style Qigong and Harmony Style Tai Chi. She is also certified in Taoist meditation, Dao-In & Ba Gua-Merry-go-round.



Prof., D.M.Q., D.T.C.M.

Dean of InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Institute,

An internationally recognized Master Instructor and a graduate of Haidian University of Beijing, graduate of the International Institute of Medical Qigong, Director of The Longevity Center, served as Professor of Medical Qigong at Five Branches University.

John R Barber_ LAc - 2016-0928 - head shot.jpg


L.AC., practicing TCM in

Los Angeles, CA

Certified through COT/ CHI Health Institute in

Eight Treasures, L3 (SI) 

Self-Healing Chi Gong (SI) 

Taoist Meditation, L1 (SI) 

Dao-In, L3 (PMI) 

Harmony Tai Chi, L4 (SI) 

Tai Chi Straight Sword, L2 (SI) Self-Challenge Program





Practicing TCM in Beverly Hills, CA,

Certified through College of Tao/ CHI Health Institute in many Ni family Qi movement forms including Sr. Instructor in Self Healing Qigong, Eight Little Treasures, Harmony Tai Ch and Tai Chi Straight Sword


Institute of Integral Nutrition, Dean

Weight Wellness Qigong, Certified Infinichi Life and Nutritional Coaching &

5 Elements Cooking with the Seasons, Associate Dean of Mentorship Program,

Sisters of the Heavenly Way


Associate Dean of CHI Health Institute

Retreat Coordinator

Certified Tai Chi & Eight Treasures forms

Brothers of the Heavenly Way


College of Tao Registrar

Assistant Retreat Coordinator

Retreat Bookstore

Certified through COT/Chi Health in 8 Treasures,

Sisters of the Heavenly Way


Arnold Tayam

Shifu-Kai Bagua pic.JPG



Arnold Tayam


Tame the Tiger through Cosmic Tour Bagua Transformation !


You are all welcome in joining us in experiencing this powerful exciting practice.


This rare and unique energy movement system features special stepping methods

combined with 8 particular sets of postures. These sets are reflective of the main trigrams of the I Ching: Book of changes, but are crafted into a dynamic, yet subtle and powerful energetic distillation designed to empower your transformation of body, mind, emotions and spirit ! This practice enriches balance, centering, grounding, relaxing and energizing your entire being.


This system is comprised of two main sets: The first set is the complete Merry-Go-Round, which is an introductory set relatively easy to learn and practice.

The second set which is known as The Cosmic Tour Bagua 8 Transformations, consists of 8 individual sections, and is much more sophisticated in design as it is an expression of the 64 Hexagram energies of the I Ching. The Workshop will include......

Read More

Retreat Location

Royal Way Spiritual Center

8088 High Road

Lucerne Valley, CA 92356


for details

3 healing circles.jpg

Sisters of the Heavenly Way: We will be pleased to meet in person on April 30th, Saturday afternoon at the College of Tao Spring Retreat from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

If you look at the High Energy Days feature in this newsletter you will see that is the very special day of the New Moon & a partial solar eclipse. 

We will begin by harmonizing our own inner peace. Then let’s gather that high pure energy for our deep connection to the Source of our existence, the Divine Universal Mystical Mother and Guan Yin to radiate out to humanity in this time of great challenge & change in every land worldwide. 

The Brothers of the Heavenly Way will also meet at this same time during the College of Tao Retreat: 6:30 - 8:30 pm on Saturday April 30th in a separate location.

Signed copies of Hua Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni's New Book Evergreen Life will be available

at the College of Tao Retreat Bookstore

You can sign up for the Retreat at

Evergreen_Cover 2.jpg

The cover of this New book illustrates the natural process of the life cycle in a temperate evergreen forest where the ground provides both protection and nutrition, and the sky provides sustenance from above.  Human life differs in that we also have a soul and a mind that can influence the nature and progression of our own life cycle and our connection to the cosmic chi. 

This book has had a long gestation period.  Much of the basic information comes from Master Ni Hua-Ching’s collection of his teaching material when he first arrived in the West in 1976. That material covers the vision, purpose, goals, direction, objectives and focus for the teaching of the Integral Way within the Path of Pure Light.  For spiritual cultivators and chi healers there is comprehensive knowledge on the benefits of quiet sitting and cultivation of the cosmic chi.  There is also practical guidance for living in the modern world that draws on the ancient teachings of Tao, but is relevant to all times and cultures.

The original files for Evergreen Life were first released to a student in Asia to edit as guidance for their possible future teaching role, as well as guidance for all present and future students, mentors and teachers of the Integral Way.

These early chapters have now been supplemented with material on the nature and direction of the Integral Way in the 21stcentury, and especially the importance of practicing the feminine principle that is applicable to all people.  In Chapter 12, Savior of the Soul in Life, there are several examples where Guan Yin, the messenger of this principle, has influenced the course of events in life; there are also some invocations for seeking spiritual help from that great messenger who ‘watches over’ these prayers.  Other recent material includes a discussion on experiencing the light where the secret of the golden light is revealed to the West for the first time, as well as a chapter with the full text of Master Ni’s message to the 2020 annual COT retreat. 

The key message in this book is: The spiritual duty of all life is the realization of Universal Harmony through following the Way of an Evergreen Life in the material world.  This includes living simply, quietly, naturally and responsibly. Thus, this book is relevant as guidance for all people seeking a healthy life in the busy, complicated and often confusing modern world. 

Joy Grant

Auckland, New Zealand 

Available at the College of Tao Retreat Bookstore

Buffalo Rider fine art print (without the watermark) by Karen Kristin, Mentor of the Integral Way, available at the Retreat Bookstore, with mailer for easy transport.

Poster of Master Lu Tung Ping also available at the Retreat Bookstore with mailer for easy transport.

Looking Forward to Seeing You at the Retreat


with Dr. Mao, James Tuggle &

COT Ministers of the Integral Way

College of Tao | The Shrine of the Eternal Breath of Tao

Every Sunday at 7 am PST, you are invited to join via Zoom in a spiritual renewal ceremony facilitated by the Ministers of the Integral Way, including Drs. Mao Shing Ni, James Tuggle, Barbara Wolff, Ed Sullivan and others…followed by a talk on how to apply the wisdom of the Integral Way to the Five Healths—healthy body, mind/spirit, relationship, work and finance. This service is free for the College of Tao community.

Friends and family are welcome.

Join Zoom Meeting

Password: 006090

Meeting ID: 136 428 813

Dial by your location    

Find your local number:


Your Monthly Horoscope by Element

A Year of the Tiger, is governed by the Wood and Water elements. Will it be a dangerous, sabertooth, predatory type of tiger or a sleek, secretive, kind of cat? The Wood and Water Elements will also bring their exciting energy into the tiger mix in 2022 which will create a … wait! Stop and read Mao’s exciting predictions for yourself and find out why you might need to hang on to your hat in a year that is likely to have its own fair share of unexpected surprises! As always, it is our hope that you and your loved ones will enjoy a very happy, healthy Chinese New Year. To Learn More about what 2022 has in store click HERE. Or click on the icon below for your monthly horoscope.

Horoscope by Element

Quiz Link: to determine your Element click below 

Find your Element 

Taoist Horoscope Link for April click below

Your Horoscope


monarch butterfly.jpeg

Tao of Life Tele-Study Group

Hello Everyone,


My name is Vladimir Iliev and will now be assisting Dr. Dao for the monthly Tele Study Group.

I would like to express my appreciation of Peter Stege’s work over the years, organizing the study of Hua-Ching Ni writings and making it a productive and enriching experience for everyone.

We are fortunate and grateful to connect with Dr. Daoshing Ni’s wisdom reflecting on our questions and guide us to see the integral truth in the light of others.

A little bio of how I came here: I was born in a small town of Vidin, Bulgaria, and immigrated to the USA in my late twenties. I work as an engineer, but my true passion is the Taoist movement arts. I was introduced to the Ni family books and self-cultivation by Arnold Tayam, who is my Shifu and teacher of Medical Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua at the Longevity Center. I am now in my third year of I.T.M.I. Meditation program at the College of Tao, and have become a Mentor of the Integral Way.

I am grateful to Dr. Dao and Peter for the opportunity to help, and look forward to supporting all of you to bring passages of Master Ni’s books that you would like to share or may have questions about to be studied as a group.

With Peace and Gratitude to all

Vladimir Iliev


Please submit your selections to Vladimir Iliev at: 

To allow enough time for discussion during the 1 hour event, please keep the selected content within 10 pages or so for discussion. However you may encourage people to read the entire chapter if appropriate. Also please explain why you have chosen your selection and if you have any specific questions regarding the material.



I Ching: The Book of Changes

Hexagram 20, pages 322, 323 & 326, by Hua-Ching Ni

Master Ni, Hua-Ching, the 37th-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Taoist Healing Arts, has written many well-known books on spirituality. Led by Dr. Dao, our monthly tele-study group is open to everyone. There isa wide range of experience in this group from newcomers to long-term participants. Together, we will explore Master Ni’s writings. Participants take turns to select a passage from his books so that as a group, we can delve into the meanings of his writings and how we can apply this knowledge into our daily lives.


THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2022 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM PST


This month’s reading is offered by Olivia Rosewood. She writes: “I’m interested in Hexagram 20 and the topic of a spiritual temple, called a Kuan, particularly these words on page 322 of Omni’s I Ching: ‘The greater significance of Kuan, however, extends beyond the physical structure of a temple or shrine. It represents a way of life that is cultivated and guided by constant self-contemplation. Through such introspection, one remains unaffected by the pressures of worldly life and stays attuned to the deepest level of nature, which is the origin of the universal life force.’ I would like to explore the deepest levels of nature, both in practice and meaning. I am also drawn to the microcosmic aspect of a Kuan, that it may be an outer structure (as in a temple), or perhaps it may be an inner structure, for example, the “inner altar” mentioned on page 323.” Furthermore, I’m drawn to explore the 6 levels of awareness represented by each line. Finally, I’d love to explore the commentary on page 326: “Watch the invisible!”

This book may be purchased on the Wellness Living Store website at: If you have any questions, please contact Vladimir Iliev at:


DR. DAOSHING NI, Dr. Dao, is a 38th generation doctor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, holds two doctorates in Oriental Medicine and was awarded the American Fertility Association’s Dr. Joyce Vargyas Visionary Award. Dr. Dao has appeared on the Today Show, provided numerous news/magazine interviews, and is a best-selling author.

Friends and family are welcome.

New Link Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 839 6061 8837
Passcode: 2825
Meeting ID: 839 6061 8837
Find your local number:

Free Lao Tzu Virtual Study Group on zoom!

Please Join Us

April 6th and May 4th

5-6 pm PST


Amira invites you to join our 

ongoing free monthly

Integral Way Study Group

The Complete Works of Lao Tzu 

as elucidated by Hua-Ching Ni

Tao Teh Ching and the Hua Hu Ching

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month from 5-6 pm PST.

This book is the specific translation we will use and can be purchased at

Click Here for Zoom Link Study Group

lightening in dessert.jpg

To support the world in passing through this critical time, your prayer is helpful:


The Jade Pivot of the Universe

All Nine Heavens,

Grant us the Divine Lightning

that illuminates the darkness of the human mind.

All Nine Heavens,

      Respond to our need for the Divine Thunder

that awakens the human conscience.

All Nine Heavens,

      Respond to our request for the Divine Radiance

that awakens the universal soul in each of us.


This invocation is traditionally used to help people be delivered from all kinds of trouble. Many people truly feel benefited from reciting this.

It is also beneficial in general to chant the name of the Universal Divine One and the Divine One of Universal Awakening, either silently or allowed.

You are welcome to learn spiritual self-cultivation from the Universal Integral Way.

                           p 17, Spring Thunder by Hua-Ching Ni



High Energy Days for 

April and May, 2022

Seasonal Periods

April 5 Clear and Bright Qīngmíng, 清明

April 20 Rain for grains Gǔyǔ, 谷雨

May 5 Summer begins lì xià 立夏 

May 21 Grain buds xiǎo mǎn 小满

April guǐ- maǒ 癸 卯 (Hare) - guǐ- maǒ 癸 卯(Hare)

April 1 New Moon in Aries April Fool’s Day

April 5 Pure Brightness 清明 qīng míng remember your ancestors

April 16 Full Moon in Libra 

April 20 Rain for grains 谷雨 gú yǔ 

April 22 Earth Day remember your Mother Earth

April 26 Commemoration of Shennong- Father of Chinese Medicine

April 30 New Moon in Gemini-

Partial Solar Eclipse at 10° Taurus at 1:28 pm PT / 4:28 pm ET

May jiǎ chén 甲辰 (Dragon) - yǐ sì 乙巳 (Snake)

May 1 May Day

May 5 Summer begins 立夏 lì xià 

May 7 Geng Shen 庚 申 Balance Day                                 

May 8 Xin You 辛 酉 Stable Day

May 8 Mother’s Day

May 10 – June 3 Mercury Retrograde                           

May 15 Full Moon in Scorpio -

Total Lunar Eclipse at 25° Scorpio – 9:14 pm PT 

May 21 Grain buds 小满 xiǎo mǎn 

May 30 New Moon in Gemini



We invite you all to join us:

Every other Sunday Morning @ 8:15 AM Pacific Standard timecontinuing, April 10 & 24; May 8 & 22 following the Sunday Renewal to carry on our lively discussion of the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. James Tuggle guides our exploration of this helpful resource that connects us with the universal cycles and living in harmony and balance with the flow of nature.

Please join Zoom Meeting Here 

If any questions, please contact Courtney  


Eight Treasures Qigong Class 

(on Zoom)

Senior Instructor - Edward Sullivan

8 Treasures Qigong promotes strengthening and boosting your Immune System. This QiGong form has amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Participants of all levels of physical ability can participate in this class

8 Week Class = $80


May 2 – June 27

7pm Pacific Time 

(No Class on May 30)

Register on and 

the Link to Zoom class will be sent to you.

Sisters of the Heavenly Way


Natural being ness that comes from knowing we are borne of Sky and Earth. Where we may appreciate that there is just Oneness This past equinox gathering we touched upon simply being—that simple with All.


Perceiving innocently and deeply, as inspired by the meaning of Kwan Yin, our journey began with noticing and discerning our bodily sensations while moving in warming up. We then attended more specifically to our breathing sensations, and how we can simply be aware, calmly without judgment, of all that arises, whether comfortable or not, just as the Sky and Earth embrace all human movements without discrimination. Elena from Russia wrote how this is like the “energy of the Earth as she gently accepts a seed.”

Read More 

You are welcome to join our next Sisters gathering. 

Our next two monthly gatherings will take place on:

April 17 for Australian sisters and April 16 for USA sisters, and then

May 15 for Aussies and May 14 for Americans.

Please contact Barbara Wolf for more information


Brothers of the Heavenly Way

The next meeting of the Brothers of the Heavenly Way will be at the Retreat, Saturday, April 30 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the 2022 College of Tao Retreat. Sign up now for the Retreat to attend.

May’s Brother’s gathering will be May 29th on Zoom.

Contact Curt Callison


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Join the "Integral Way Friends Group emailing list" Weekly inspirational quotes to your inbox and warm conversation.

Contact Jono Howard at 

to get signed up.

“Taoism is the source of universal spiritual energy before it is contaminated by the experience of beingness.”

Essence of Universal Spirituality, p-70

Hua Ching Ni                        

College of Tao


Do you have something to share with the COT Community? We welcome you to share any information that is relevant and inspirational.


Sue and Amira


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