May 2024

Welcome to the May issue of the College Now Student Newsletter! Read on for information about financial aid, entrance exams, upcoming summer programs and more!

Be sure to pass along this information to your parent(s)/guardian(s) and reach out to your College Now advisor for any questions or additional details. College Now is dedicated to supporting YOU as you embark on your path toward a successful career.


Understanding Student Loans

A student loan is a type of financial aid designed to help students pay for their education expenses, such as tuition, books and living expenses. Student loans are specifically tailored for students and typically offer lower interest rates compared to other types of loans.

There are two general types of student loans: federal loans and private loans. Federal student loans, provided by the U.S. Department of Education, typically have more flexible repayment options and lower interest rates as compared to private loans. Private loans may be loans offered by banks, credit unions and other private lenders.

Student loans must be repaid with interest. Interest is the amount of money the lending institution is charging for the use of their funds. Federal student loans begin repayment after a student has completed their education or stopped attending school, while some private loans may require students to begin repayment sooner. 

More on federal loans
More on private loans

2024-2025 FAFSA Updates

  • FAFSA applicants can now go into their submitted FAFSA and make corrections.

  • All students that have submitted a FAFSA should log into their accounts to review the status of their application and take action as needed.

  • Institutions have started to receive FAFSA data, which is crucial for calculating financial aid award offers. Keep an eye out for these offers from the institutions listed on your FAFSA.

  • Make sure you’re aware of the enrollment deadline for your desired institutions. Although May 1 is traditionally the enrollment cutoff, many institutions have extended these dates due to the issues with the FAFSA.
Complete the FAFSA

As institutions return to their pre-COVID non-test optional entrance requirements, College Now maintains its recommendation for students to take at least two entrance exams. Register for an exam today!

Need help covering the exam fee? Contact your College Now Advisor to obtain a fee waiver.


Saturday, June 8

  • Late registration deadline: Sunday, May 19

Saturday, July 13

  • Registration deadline: Friday, June 7

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The SAT will be administering a digital exam.  

Saturday, June 1

  • Registration deadline: Friday, May 16

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Attention juniors! Take part in one of our summer test prep programs to help boost your score before applications are due next fall. 

Learn more about our test prep programming HERE


  • Continue to apply for summer opportunities (job, programs, internships, volunteering, job shadowing, etc). Pay attention to deadlines.  
  • Continue to update your resume to keep track of what accomplishments you have made this year.  
  • Invest in your success by taking time to prepare for future entrance exams by reading a book, practice answering test questions on Khan Academy, or enrolling in a College Now SAT/ACT bootcamp or impact! program.  
  • Develop a SMART goal for the next school year.  


  • Ensure your resume is up to date. Take time to add the accomplishments you have made this year.  
  • Ensure you are prepared for any end of the year exams that you may have.  
  • Continue preparing for college entrance exams by reading to increase your vocabulary or taking part in a test prep program such as a College Now bootcamp or the impact! program.  
  • Visit a college campus and/or attend a college/career fair.  
  • Begin researching scholarships that you may be eligible for and saving for college.  
  • Develop a SMART goal for the next school year.  
  • Participate in an enrichment program, career shadowing, volunteer opportunity or job and keep track by updating your resume.  


  • Make sure you have planned for a challenging senior year. Check in with your school counselor with any questions.  
  • AP exams will be administered. Keep your AP grade report if you’re interested in earning college credit.  
  • Complete final exams.  
  • Register for a College Now summer ACT/SAT prep bootcamp or impact! program to help boost your ACT/SAT score.  
  • If you have not done so already, begin developing a list of colleges you are interested in applying to. Be sure to check the institution's website for programs, application periods and special scholarships. 
  • Ask one or two teachers for letters of recommendation, depending on what your prospective college requires.
  • Schedule time to visit college campuses.  


  • Begin planning to notify your prospective institution of your intent to enroll. Traditionally the deadline is May 1, but check institutions' websites to confirm enrollment deadlines for 2024-2025.  
  • If taking/taken AP exams, check your score and consult with your selected college about the procedure for submitting the score for possible credit.  
  • Once final grades are posted, request that your high school sends your final transcripts directly to your college. Additionally, if you've completed any dual-enrollment courses, be sure to request an official transcript from the college to be sent directly to your future institution. 
  • If you plan to compete in D-I or D-II college sports, request that your final transcripts be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Finalize your college budget.  
  • Continue to check your college student portal for announcements and items on your “to do” list, including registering for new student orientation.  
  • Plan a productive summer by considering options like job shadowing, volunteering or working. 

It's May, and the school year is winding down. Take this opportunity to support your student by staying informed about their academic progress over the past year and assisting them in planning a successful course of study for the next academic term. Encourage them to make the most of their summer by engaging in learning opportunities, volunteering and gaining valuable work experience. Additionally, ensure they have a memorable and safe experience at spring dances, graduation, and end-of-year celebrations. 

Middle School

  • Get a library card if your student doesn’t have one. This will help with summer reading programs and finding books about various career interests.  


  • High schools offer a wide set of new activities and sports. Talk with your student about what they may be interested in doing next year. Encourage them to try new things and explore their interests.  
  • Attend freshman night at your school. If your school doesn’t have one, check out College Now’s online sessions for parents each month. 


  • Support your student in their job or internship search.  
  • Support your student with finding volunteering activities for the summer that can support their growth and learning. Determine if this is an activity that can also be done during the school year.  
  • Start supporting your student by helping them create a resume if they haven't already done so. Additionally, assist them in researching potential summer job opportunities. 
  • If your student doesn't already have a bank account, consider setting one up for them now. This is also a good time to start discussing financial management with them. If they plan to work over the summer, having a bank account will allow them to easily save their earnings or set up direct deposit for their employment checks. 

Graduating Seniors

  • Support your student in their job or internship search before they head off to college, trade school or the military.  
  • Attend graduation celebrations and festivities, including signing days and other senior events at the school.  
  • Celebrate your student’s success in graduating from high school.  
  • Assist your student in creating budgets for both their summer and fall expenses after high school. This proactive approach will help them manage their finances effectively as they transition into the next phase of their life. 

What are your summer plans? Engaging in educational experiences during the summer presents a wonderful opportunity not only to acquire new knowledge but also to enhance your resume. Whether it’s participating in an internship or attending a summer program, make the most of your time away from school by exploring diverse programs and activities that can refine your interests.  

ACT & SAT Summer Bootcamps

Join College Now to gain invaluable insights into the ACT and SAT’s format and content, arming yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed. Learn proven strategies from experienced instructors to tackle even the toughest questions with confidence!

Register for a bootcamp

Summer Impact! Program

The summer impact! program aims to equip students with comprehensive ACT or PSAT test preparation while offering invaluable guidance through the intricacies of college and career research. Upon completing an impact! session, students become eligible for a stipend and gain access to exciting college exposure opportunities.

Register for impact!

Summer Xplore Program

Xplore, our career exploration program, will take place this summer over three, two-week sessions at four locations. Students who participate and complete the session requirements will receive a stipend and be eligible to attend our free, three-day, two-night August exposure trip!

Max Hayes
Lincoln West

Warrensville Heights

Middle and High School Xplore:

Dive into the World of Sherwin Williams

This summer, both middle and high school students have the exciting opportunity to explore the vibrant world of Sherwin Williams, a Fortune 500 company, in Cleveland. From understanding color theory and the chemistry of paint to delving into the business fundamentals of product development, finance, logistics, marketing and branding, participants will gain invaluable insights into various aspects of this dynamic industry. 

Middle School Xplorers
High School Xplore Sherwin Williams

Lorain Learning Lab

Dive into the world of comprehensive ACT test prep with Lorain Learning Labs, where expert instructors guide you through sessions aimed at maximizing your readiness and confidence for the exam. Beyond test prep, discover your passions and interests through engaging career exploration activities, setting the stage for a fulfilling future.

Experience college life firsthand with an exclusive, all-expenses-paid visit to two local campuses, gaining invaluable insights into higher education.

Register for Lorain Learning Labs

Lorain County Transition2College

Transition2College, a free two-day workshop tailored for the Class of 2024 high school graduates transitioning into college, aims to equip you with essential tools for success. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, the workshop covers crucial topics about campus life. Attendees will receive complimentary copies of the book "How To College" and can participate in raffles and other incentives offered throughout the program.

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Joyce Ivy College Admissions Symposium: Saturday, May 11

The Joyce Ivy College Admissions Symposium (JCAS) is a spring program for high-achieving female high school students, families, counselors and educators, led primarily by admissions professionals from some of the nation’s most rigorous and selective colleges. Each interactive session will focus on a different topic related to the college admission and application process (financial aid, writing your college essay, letters of recommendations, making your college list, etc).

The event, exclusively for female high school students and parents/guardians, will be held at the Hawk - Farmington Hills Community Center in Farmington Hills, MI on May 11. It will feature breakout sessions led by admissions and financial aid professionals from highly selective universities/colleges. Lunch will be provided for all attendees. 


Registration is available on Eventbrite! Capacity is limited, and early registration is encouraged. 

Register today

LookUp Summer

LookUp Summer is a one-week experience June 24-28 where high school students build teamwork skills, explore Cleveland’s civic issues and assets and meet local government leaders.

Learn More

Reach Out To Cleveland

Reach Out To Cleveland is one full day and three half-day sessions every Wednesday from July 10-31 where high school students explore greater community awareness through hands-on volunteer service.  

Learn More

LookUp School Year

LookUp School Year is open to students who will be high school juniors during the program year. Sessions take place in and around downtown Cleveland.

Deadline to apply is May 8, 2024.

Learn More

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