First of all, this "Story Behind the Image" is not about the image above. But the story does start here.

This is Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID. I spent a couple of days there and saw the falls for the very first time, and they are impressive! They are massive, complex and an enormous roar and mist rise up from the bottom of the falls.

And there are these two incredible viewpoints overlooking the falls. The image above is from one of those vantage points.

As I stood there admiring the falls, the thought comes to mind that this would make an incredible image if it were not for one thing...

It's been done a billion times before. Probably every mom and pop, amateur and pro who visits, photographs these falls in the same way and from the same location.

I don't want to create another "me too" image of Shoshone Falls (or Zabriskie Point, Maroon Bells, El Capitan and etc).

And so I started looking for that shot that everyone else hasn't done before, an image that might be uniquely mine.