The Spring Equinox is in a week, on March 20! Even though spring is coming, we have a cold end to the winter that will continue into the following week, along with daily rain. 

This is not good for our start to the mowing season because cold, wet soil is soft, which makes it hard to avoid making wheel ruts. Plus, wet grass is quite difficult to mow and bag. 

We are monitoring and will work around the rainy weather to mow when we can, but this is sizing up to be a very difficult start to the mowing season.  

If there is any consolation, the cold weather has delayed normal spring grass growth, so the need to mow right now is less than in a normal year. In addition, the late fall leaf drop and the many snowy and icy days this winter delayed our normal winter work that we do to prepare for spring.

Fortunately, having less pressure to mow is allowing us to finish up winter pruning and shrub bed preparation for the coming spring.  

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