La Casa Del Habano
Cognac & Cigars Tasting


We are going to have another tasting this time Cognac and Cigars on
31st January. This event is open to all not just members.


So let's start Febuary with a good note! and get ride of those January Blues!.... 


Hosting the tasting will be Chris Seale from Speciality Brands Ltd. Chris is a local to Teddington and has been working in the wine and spirits trade for over 12 years. Speciality Brands are the exclusive importers of a wide range of boutique spirits which will really liven up any drinks cabinet. For our tasting Chris has selected a number of Cognacs which very fine in their own right will also match with our cigars really well. The Cognacs are from The House of A.E Dor.

On Tuesday 31st January, Chris will be taking us through the following


A.E. Dor V.S.O.P Cognac RRP �40.99

A.E. Dor Napoleon Cognac RRP �65.00

A.E. Dor X.O Cognac RRP �89.95

A.E. Dor For Cigar �84.95



Chris is currently raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of two friends who recently passed away. A small donation from the evening will be made to his charity.


Cost for the evening will be �15 to attend plus cigars.


Cigars will be tasting with this Cognac will be two cigars.   

  • Behike 52 (rated cigar of the year 2011) �30.80
  • Montecristo Sublime 2008 L/E �28.00 Classic Cigar

Both Medium to full bodid cigar to match the Cognac.


An Event that must not be missed. Members will get their discount on cigars on the evening. 


Cognac & Cigar Tasting

Date: January 31, 2012
Time: 7.30pm
La casa del habano (HavaHavana)
76 High Street
Teddington, TW11 8JD
0208 977 3793

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