May 2021
Regenerative Schools:
The Schools of the Future
An Education that Serves People and the Planet
Since 2019 we have been working to promote a regenerative school model in the 7 public schools of Nosara, putting into practice the pillars of the Education Policy and Action Plan for Sustainable Development.

We want to demonstrate that through collective impact and a shared vision we can create the schools of the future: those in which environmental and socio-emotional education is prioritized, as well as cooperation and collective impact to generate deep and lasting changes.

School Edible Gardens

These edible gardens, part of our regenerative schools program, were created in collaboration with the support of the school boards, parents, the Nosara Food Bank, Harmony Projects, the Olas Verdes hotel, Lagarta Lodge hotel and Nosara Hardware Store. We will continue to promote edible gardens as an essential environmental, socio emotional and economic resource for schools.
Las Delicias School
Santa Marta School

Socio Emotional Education

Through bio empathy workshops, breathing tools from our Pure Edge allies, as well as yoga movements, mental health is promoted in the students of the Nosara schools. The impact of COVID 19 made even more visible the need to strengthen the socio-emotional health of students to support their well-being and even improve their academic performance.

Meliponia Bees and Pollination

6 Mariola bee hives (native stingless bees) were installed this week in schools and homes in Nosara to promote pollination and biodiversity in the area.

Thanks to Luis Zamora from Miel Dorada De La Bajura with whom we will continue working to make Nosara a bee-friendly community. Thanks to Katherine Terrell for sponsoring the Del Mar Academy Beehive, Matt and Yasmine Johnson for sponsoring the Santa Marta School Beehive, and the Chambers family for sponsoring the Las Delicias Beehive.

Do you want to sponsor a hive? Please contact us
Principal and Teacher Empowerment
Regional Directors of Guanacaste in our
Empowerment Workshop
On April 13 we had the visit of the regional directors of the province of Guanacaste, supervisors and pedagogical advisers of the Ministry of Public Education for a workshop of experiences and transformation on education for sustainable development.

We thank the Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge for the cooperation in the use of the “La Arribada” room and Edunamica CR for the support for food and accommodation for the workshop. We continue to make progress in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.
 Guardian of Nature Principal and Teacher
of the Year Award 2020-2021
OBJECTIVE: To reward and make visible the agents of change in education for sustainable development in two modalities: principals and teachers within the province of Guanacaste (Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Liberia and Cañas).

We wish to learn more about the initiatives, efforts and participation of school principals and teachers, who work in the province of Guanacaste, who have been promoting and inspiring education for sustainable development in their communities.

Guardians of Nature
Free Educational Platform

We invite you to explore our platform used by teachers, environmental educators, librarians,moms and other professionals from 21 countries, mainly in Latin America. Our free educational platform arises from our commitment to break any barrier to access the information necessary to educate new generations about the protection of natural resources. Find over a hundred interactive lessons on 12 environmental topics tied to core subjects.

New Allies

Creation of Environmental Education Material for the Platform

Our alliance with Corclima will allow the creation of resources for teachers on climate change linked to basic subjects that we hope will soon be on our free educational platform available to teachers in Costa Rica and beyond our borders.

Education Reengagement

We are partnering with Edunamica to propel concrete actions to support the young and adult population of Nosara and their needs for education, employability and quality of life, especially, of people with greater factors of social and educational vulnerability.

Exploring the Path Towards a Regenerative Education

Together with the Costa Rican Humanistic College of the UNA-Campus Nicoya we are exploring how to move education towards a regenerative model. Do we have all the answers? No, but we are going to find them out together.
Communication for
Sustainable Development
NEW VIDEO: Tremendino visits the
Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve
We invite all Costa Rican families, and those outside our borders, to visit the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve along "Tremendino". Teresa Cerdas (the Reserve's environmental educator) and Tremendino (a scarlet macaw with a lot of joy and humor) invite you to learn about the history, biodiversity of the area and the importance of this beautiful protected area located on the Nicoya Peninsula.
Guardians of Nature as co-sponsors of the
Rafael Gallo Palomo Award
It is a true honor to be a co-sponsor of the Rafael Gallo Palomo award. This Award was established by the National Alliance of Rivers and Watersheds of Costa Rica in order to recognize and encourage those people, activities, projects, programs, organizations, entities in general, who coincide with the Alliance in the defense and care of bodies of water, and particularly in order that our rivers reach the sea healthy.
We believe that schools can nurture a new generation of environmentally aware citizens who will propel the transition to a prosperous and sustainable future for all. Want to help us make that dream come true?

Thank you to our donors. You make our work possible!
To make Costa Rica a land of Guardians of Nature students, teachers and principals through a collective impact approach, and to promote our vision and strategy globally.

To empower students, teachers and principals to be guardians of natural resources by providing free environmental education tools, fostering direct experiences with nature, and promoting green school campuses through the collaboration and collective impact of the government, the private sector and civil society.