Coaching for Healing in Traumatic Times

As we pass the 21st anniversary of the brutal attack of September 11, 2001, we reflect on the challenges of living through an era marked by both individual traumatic events as well as a growing understanding of institutional, systemic trauma that has been ongoing over time. Students must contend with this frequently, especially given that pervasive media and social media bring these traumas to their attention constantly. 


In this episode of Education Now from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, hosted by Uche Amaechi, Mark Tappan of Colby College and Aysha Upchurch of the Harvard GSE talk about navigating trauma and how teachers and learners can benefit from trauma-responsive strategies. Among their takeaways are two key elements that coaching brings to the table in every coaching conversation:

  • Telling one's personal story is a key element in healing
  • Each person is the expert in their own life

Coaches, your invitation to coachees to tell their own story, and your communication to them that they are the expert on their own experiences and lives, is foundationally a trauma-informed practice. To build on this, seek more information on trauma-informed coaching from experts such as Dr. Plashan McCune, who is featured in this video from GlobalMindEd. 


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